October 11, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror #21: The Children (2008)

Title: The Children
Year: 2008.
Sub-Genre: Killer Kids, Viral/Infected, Survival.

When done right, movies involving Killer Kids tend to be the creepiest kind. Kids are supposed to be sweet, innocent, and above all else, not dangerous. The Children not only makes kids dangerous, but it makes them downright terrifying.

Watching kids turn on their parents is about as unsettling as it gets, even if an ambiguous virus is the cause; we say ambiguous, because we wonder if it's a hive-mind type of thing at work in this movie, especially given the (creepy) way that it ended. *If you pay attention at the beginning, you can see how the infection began. Lots of people out there seem to think that it's some big mystery, but it's right there.

We always try to recommend The Children to as many people as we can. because it's an under-seen gem that every Horror fan should be aware of. and now, you are.



See you tomorrow with #20!


  1. I love The Children, and I've watched this movie a lot of times yet I never really caught how the infection began. Could you please tell me which particular scene I should focus on? Or just go ahead and spoil me. I mean, I've watched it so many times. How in the bloody hell can I be spoiled by an extra detail? Hahaha

    Oh, please never stop contributing on this blog, and keep on doing what you do best! Thanks!

    1. At the beginning when they first arrive, the curly-haired kid is drawn to the bushes, as if he's spottd something, and when they cut back to him a minute or so later, he's vomiting. Whatever he found is what started it.

      Thank you Noorel!