November 26, 2016

Random Picture Round-Up: Horror Hotties Edition!

We spend a lot of time here at THC searching for great pictures to use in our reviews, for our banners, and for whatever else strikes our fancy. It's not always easy finding the perfect screenshot, but when we do find pictures that make us laugh, say "What the hell?," or are just plain awesome, we save them.

Unfortunately, we never use them all, and so they just sit there in our picture folder, waiting... which is why we decided to start posting them in random groups on a weekly basis!

They might even help you to decide what to watch.

  • You can click each pic to find out what movie they're from, if you don't recognize them. The links go to either IMBD or Amazon
  • The movie's titles are also in the file name of the pictures, if you decide to save them to your computer. 
  • Enjoy!

November 23, 2016

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for Thanksgiving Week!

Even though it's not the best crop of Blu-ray releases, there are still a few that we're thankful for this Thanksgiving week. And a few that we're really not.

*Be sure to click the pics below to buy the movies, or even rent them. Or both. Or neither. It really depends on your mood, now doesn't it?

  1. To Live and Die in L.A. is one of our favorite flicks of the 80's, and it boasts what might be the greatest car chase in motion picture history; we're not exaggerating, it's French Connection level. If you dig old school Cop Thrillers, then give this disc a go.
  2. No sequel can ever touch the original ROTLD as far as quality goes, but Return of the Living Dead 3 is a pretty fun flick in its own right. This might be a cool disc.
  3. Hell or High Water looks awesome, and it's definitely on our Must See list.
  4. Yet another Cronenberg classic, Rabid is making its bow on Blu-ray this week, and fans of the director should be well pleased with the results. I've never personally seen Rabid, but now I might just have to remedy that glaring omission from my Horror lexicon.
  5. Intruder was decent enough, but I'd probably give it a rent instead of buying it.
  6. C.H.U.D. II is an awful movie. Like a so bad it's bad kind of movie. Still, someone thought that it needed the Blu-ray treatment, and so here we are. No thanks.
  7. The word on Yoga Hosers hasn't been much better. 
  8. And everything else, as always, is a crap-shoot.

ChudGreasyHellIntruderMechRabidReturnToUndyingYoga170 x 214170 x 214
Nov 22bNov 22dLateMST3KNightmareNov 22sBLU FOOT

Black Friday is Nearly Upon Us!

Tis' the season for retailers to reduce prices on just about everything to get us to buy, buy, buy. Whether we like the madness of it all or not, it at least allows us to get some great movies (and plenty of other things) to fill our gift-giving needs, and maybe even grab a few things for ourselves too.

Below you'll find links to some great deals on our favorite kind of movies, and a search bar for you to find anything else that will fill your holiday giving needs. Anything you buy through Amazon helps us keep our little club going, so if you're going to buy anything from Amazon this Holiday Season, be sure to do it through us.

Happy shopping!

November 21, 2016

VOD Review: The Windmill (2016)

"Great. Now we have a reason to fear windmills, too."
Going into The Windmill I figured that it was going to be a fun Slasher flick throwback kind of thing. The fact that it was originally titled The Windmill Massacre probably had something to do with it, because a movie with the word massacre in the title that involves a creepy dude with a scythe running around cutting people down kinda screams Slasher flick.

The Windmill though, while being a Slasher flick, is also a Supernatural story about... well, something else.

I don't want to ruin the plot for you, so I'll just say that this is a Slasher of a different color and leave it at that.

And it's a pretty good one at that.

A group of tourists board a bus to take a trip through the scenic Dutch countryside, because that sounds fun. From the get go, it's clear that they all have something shady about them, even the cute-as-a-button Jennifer. Especially her, actually. How all of these people with deep dark secrets all ended up on the same bus in Holland though, I have no idea. Must be fate.

Of course, the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night, but luckily for the passengers that there's a windmill close by. They can probably get some help there, or at least some finely-ground Dutch flour. Or maybe all that's waiting for them there is painful death at the hands of its disfigured, scythe-wielding Miller. It's definitely one of those three.

Hellish retribution ensues. 

The Windmill was an entertaining Supernatural Slasher. It could have used a bit more action and gore in place of some of the longer, more drawn out scenes of exposition, but for the most part, it held our interest and delivered a competently engrossing story that we enjoyed.

The Miller made for an imposing threat, and the kills he unleashed on his victims were inspiring, with a few of them even being impressive. 

Aside from the always cool Noah Taylor, the rest of the cast was new to us. They all did a fine job in their roles, but British QT Charlotte Beaumont stood out the most to us, mainly because she's a QT. She also made for a decent heroine/Final Girl too.

There are some good kill scenes throughout this one, the last one being our favorite.

No nudity in this one, folks.

If you're looking for a decent Slasher-esque flick that has bit more to offer, then The Windmill is definitely one to check out. It's not a ground-breaking effort or anything, but it's well made, fun, and has some pretty cool visceral thrills throughout.

Give it a rent.


The Windmill is available now on VOD.

More like The Babemill, am I right?