February 20, 2017

Trailer: Prepare to Enter the Madness That is The Void!

"In the middle of a routine patrol, officer Daniel Carter happens upon a blood-soaked figure limping down a deserted stretch of road. He rushes the young man to a nearby rural hospital staffed by a skeleton crew, only to discover that patients and personnel are transforming into something inhuman. As the horror intensifies, Carter leads the other survivors on a hellish voyage into the subterranean depths of the hospital in a desperate bid to end the nightmare before it's too late."

The trailer for The Void brings to mind movies like The Thing and Assault on Precinct 13, which is probably why its being billed as an homage to the early works of John Carpenter. Whether or not the quality of the movie lives up to that name, and those movies, it sure looks like a crazy, twisted, gory good time.

We're all in come April 7th.

The Void hits theaters and VOD on April 7th.

The Final Season of Bates Motel Begins Tonight!

It's about to get Psycho, literally, on Bates Motel, as the show begins its final season tonight on A&E.

It sucks that its coming to an end, because Bates Motel was a solid staple in out TV watching schedule, but 5 seasons is a good run for a good show. While we're excited to see how it all ends, I have to say the casting of Rhianna is a bit of a head-scratcher; can she even act, or did they add her to the final season for the purpose of hype alone?

We'll find out starting tonight, I'd imagine.

Whatever the case may be, I'm sure that Bates Motel will go out in a blaze of creepy glory.

Season 5 of Bates Motel premieres tonight at 10 on A&E. Don't miss it.

Trailer: Xavier Gens' New Flick, The Crucifixion!

"When a priest is jailed for the murder of a nun on whom he was performing an exorcism, an investigative journalist strives to determine whether he in fact murdered a mentally ill person, or if he lost the battle with a demonic presence."

If there's anyone who can do justice to the Supernatural Thriller sub genre in this day and age, it's Xavier Gens. He burst onto the scene in 2007 with the modern day classic splatterfest, Frontiere(s) (review HERE), and ever since then we've been waiting for the guy toget back on point and blow our minds again.

The trailer below looks pretty good, although I'm a bit bummed out by the fact that it's got more than one quick-cut jump scare in it, but hey, the guy made Frontiere(s), so we have to hold out hope that this one will deliver the creepy and disturbing goods.

There is no set release date for The Crucifixion as of yet. We'll let you know when that changes.

February 18, 2017

"Castle Rock" Series Coming From Stephen King & J.J. Abrams!

Castle Rock, Maine, has long been the center of Stephen King's literary universe, making it perhaps the most terrifying fictional town in America (Derry is a close 2nd.) Cujo, The Dead Zone, Stand By Me, and Needful Things all took place there, while many other King stories have a connection to the town.

Now, out of nowhere, King and Abrams announced today that they've been working on a hush-hush TV show about Castle Rock, and the news has made our week.

Will it be an anthology which showcases King's various terrors? Or will it bring all of his greatest evils together and have them operating in one place, at the same time? Details are scare, but judging by the trailer, we're in for some crazy shit.

The trailer below references a ton of characters, places, and quotes from King's stories that his lifelong fans will recognize. To point out a few of the more obscure ones: Mr. Gray (Dreamcatcher); Joe St. George (Dolores Claiborne); Little Tall Island (Storm of the Century); Richard Bachman (King's early pen name under which he wrote Thinner and The Running Man); and Richard Vickers (Creepshow.)

And of course you saw 'Salem's Lot, The Shining, Shawshank, It, and Misery, prominently featured.

Whatever it ends up being, we are all in on this one.

Check it out below.

Castle Rock will premiere on HULU "Soon."

February 17, 2017

Theatrical Review: Rings (2017)

"Boredom is Reborn."

(aka Why?)
Release Date: In Theaters now.
Rating: PG-13
Country: USA.
Written by: David Loucka and Jacob Estes.
Directed by: F. Javier Gutierrez.
Starring: Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Johnny Galecki, Vincent D'Onofrio, Aimee Teegarden, and Lizzie Brochere.

With both Rings and Sadako vs. Kayako coming out this year, I had high hopes that at least one of them would be good, and bring back that late 90's-early 00's reign of effective J-Horror, even if it was only briefly.

I haven't seen Sadako vs. Kayako yet, but if its up to Rings to make our hunger for J-Horror grow once again, then it looks like we're going to go hungry for a while longer.

After a plane crashes because some dumbass who watched Samara's tape thought he could outrun his ghostly fate, we find that little David from Roseanne is all grown up, and is now a douchey college professor who likes to bang his students. While at the Compton Swap Meet, he finds the VCR belonging to the kid on the plane, and guess what's in it? Yep, it's the tape.

Professor Douche starts a club called "The Sevens"; which is a group of kids who watch the tape, then copy it and get a "Tail" to watch it, so that they can safely study its effects or some such shit without dying. You know it's just a matter of time before the whole "Tail" system fails, and people start dying though, because what kind of a dumbass idea was this to begin with? And where does an experimental biology professor get the money to build a clubhouse filled with so much tech equipment? And what the hell is experimental biology?

When our heroine Julia's boyfriend Holt goes missing after watching the tape, she's drawn into the world of The Sevens, and ends up having to watch the tape in order to keep him alive, which prompts them both to go on a fact-finding mission to discover the truth behind Samara's curse.

Don't worry. It's not very scary.

Samara is back! And this time, instead of relying on an antiquated video cassette to spread her curse, she can use the Internet for her dirty deeds, and she can crawl out of tablets, iPhones, and computers. She's the kind of girl who knows how to adapt to the digital age.

Then again, people are still using a VCR to watch the video tape in this one, so maybe she's not quite the vengeful millennial spirit that we think she is.

This movie had some interesting ideas going for it. The whole "bringing Samara into the digital age" angle could have bared some fun fruit had they stuck with it instead of going the "two dumb kids bumble around for answers" route.

At least he movie looked slick.

The cast was decent enough too. It was nice to see Aimee Teegarden in something again, and Vincent D'Onofrio is always a treat, although what he was doing in this movie, and in such a small role, is beyond me. The dude from Big Bang Theory has always annoyed us though, and we've been watching him act since he showed up on Roseanne in the early 90's. He's pretty much the star power in this one, so make of that what you will.

This movie is confused as hell.

On one hand, it's about a d-bag college professor who leads a group of "ringers" who watch the tape and pass it on to other people like it's a game. They even have a super secret clubhouse that looks like something out of Hackers. He does this, apparently, to study the curse, although that doesn't truly make a lot of sense to me, as putting your students lives in danger to understand something so deadly seems pretty irresponsible.

On the other, it's a mystery of Samara's origins that involves a skeevy priest, kidnapping and rape, and a blind dude who warns Julia to "be careful" after noticing a mark on her hand. Most of the movie follows her and Holt as they try to find out who Samara was, why she's haunting everyone, and how to stop her. And why she's been "marked" and gets to see different footage in the tape that no one but her can see. Honestly, what's with her having visions of Samara before even watching the tape?

The problem is that no matter how many plots there are, or how silly or confusing they may be, everything could have been salvaged had they given us plenty of creepy Samara action... which they absolutely did not. When she does show up, which is only a few times, it's really not scary at all.

The movie opens up on a really strong note on a plane, where a kid who has seen the deadly tape is trying to make a run for it on his 7th day. It's dark, quiet, sets a creepy and foreboding mood, and then just as things start to go wrong, and you just know Samara is about to strike, the scene cuts out, leaving us asking "WTF?!"

Why not let that scene breathe, and give us a full-on Samara attack instead of some quick-cut bullshit that really showed nothing in the end? What a waste of potential. 

It's a PG-13 flick. There's very little in the way of gore to be had here.

Matilda Lutz looks good in panties, but that's a racy as this one gets.

Rings feels more like a direct-to-video sequel than it does a theatrical release, but given the series' huge name recognition, it almost had to premiere in theaters. It's an alright movie, it just doesn't have much in the way of intensity or scares like the first movie, or its Japanese counterparts did.

This is more of a mystery than it is any sort of Horror flick. Watch accordingly.


Rings is in theaters now.

Matilda, Aimee, and Laura.

What's New on VOD This Week? (2/14-2/17)

Not sure why Shut In hasn't shown up on Amazon yet (the Blu/DVD hits next week), or where in the hell We Are the Flesh and Man Vs. are, because they were both set to hit VOD today as well, but despite those glaring omissions, this week's crop of new streaming entertainment is still a good one, if a bit small.

*Be sure to click the pics to rent the movies, or watch their trailers. Or both. Or neither. It really depends on your mood, now doesn't it?

*If you aren't already a member, you should really give Amazon Prime a shot, especially if you order movies on the regular like we do, because the free two-day shipping pays for itself after around 10 orders. Check it out for free HERE.

  1. Doctor Strange was a great movie, and might be our favorite MCU flick to date. I'll have to wait until we get the Blu-ray in our hands to make that determination, but the fact that I really want that Blu-ray in my hands right now says a lot. If you love Superhero flicks and you have yet to see this one, rent it asap.
  2. It's good to see that The Blackcoat's Daughter (read our review HERE) is finally available for an audience to see, even if you have to be a DirecTV subscriber to see it. We loved it when we saw it last year, and if you're a DirecTV subscriber, you can finally check it out for yourself. *Everyone else has to wait until March 31st when it hits theaters and VOD
  3. Being that it seems to be Women in Horror Month all over the Internet, we're extra curious to check out the all-female directed anthology flick, XX. Reviews have been mixed so far, but it looks promising.
  4. And finally we have American Fable, which looks quiet and creepy, and even dreamlike at times. Might be a decent one for a quiet night.
  5. Happy streaming!

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