February 16, 2018

What's New on VOD This Week? (2/13-2/16)

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February 14, 2018

ICYMI: The Blu-ray & DVD Releases of February & March!

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This is the list. Compiled from all over the web and from a bunch of different sources, this is, to the best of our knowledge, the Horror, Sci-Fi and other Genre flicks are coming out in 2018, and when.


Of course, Release Dates can change at any time, so take them with a grain of salt...

  • All Links got to each movie’s Amazon page so that you can order or pre-order them.
  • Each Amazon movie page has options to purchase in other formats (DVD, Instant Video) to suit your needs.
  • If a movie is not being sold on Amazon, we'll link you to the appropriate distributor's website.

The following is constantly a work in progress...
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