June 25, 2018

UPDATED: Theatrical Release Dates for July-September!

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This is the list. Compiled from sources all over the web, this is, to the best of our knowledge, the Horror, Sci-Fi and other Genre flicks that are coming out in 2018, and when.


Of course, Release Dates can change at any time without notice, so take them with a grain of salt... *Links got to UHM or IMDB because they give great info on upcoming Horror projects.

The following is constantly a work in progress...
July6July 6 (2)July 6July 4 (2)13July 13July 13b170 x 25020July 20eJuly 20u170 x 25027July 27 (2)July 27170 x 250Aug3dms10m170 x 250170 x 25017dAug 17170 x 25024Aug 24bAug 24170 x 25031aug 31aug 31b170 x 250September7Sept 7 (3)Sept 7 (1)Sept 7 (2)14Sept 14 (1)Sept 14 (2)Sept 14 (3)21Sept 21 (1)Sept 21 (2)170 x 25028foot