May 29, 2008

Horror Hotties: Neve Campblell

That's right... Neve Campbell, or Sugar Tits as she prefers only myself and Mel Gibson (exclusively) to call her, is perhaps the defining mainstream Horror Hottie of my generation. A pioneer in the field of cheap thrills and blatant partial-nudity, she spawned what would become the Teen Angst Slasher Horror sub-genre that was prevalent in the late 90's and early 2000's. Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3 as well as The Craft (along with varied TV projects), propelled her into almost every spotlight available from 1993-2000.

Thank you for getting me through my formative years.
As far as Horror Hotties go, it doesn't get much hotter than Sugar Tits amongst the 20-something crowd... unless of course you consider Jennifer Love Hewitt (aka Jerkit McHugetits) some sort of a Horror Vixen for her brief foray into the cheap slasher market.

Yeah, she counts.
Now, I will grant you the fact that Neve's career was short lived, and she's fallen into relative obscurity as of late, resorting to appearances on television shows and obscure b-grade movies to keep working, but that's just how it goes for most actresses in Hollywood. However, her esteemed career in my angst-driven teenage years has cemented her a place in my Horror Vixen Hall of Infamy (aka Boner Town.)

No matter what she does from this point on though, one thing is for sure... Neve Campbell will always be a stone cold Hottie.

May 27, 2008

Horror Hotties: Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly, or "JC" as she has asked me to call her in my dreams, is the hottest woman on Earth who has ever had a vagina. If you don't believe me, just ask me, I'll tell you. In fact, I just did. See what I did there?

Sure, she may have only starred in a few "Horror" movies over the span of her career, and only one of them was in the new millennium (and it really sucked), but I mean, just look at her:

Restraining order or not, I'll always love her...
Her first ever starring role was in the 1985 Dario Argento classic, Phenomena (a.k.a. Creepers); it's a sweet little coming-of-age tale about a hot, hot girl attending school in Switzerland, who uses her psychic link with insects to hunt down a Giallo-style serial killer that is beheading her classmates. Throw in Donald Pleasance and an insane chimp with a straight razor, and you pretty much have perfection.

Since I was 15 when Phenomena came out, I'm allowed to say that JC was crazy hot in this one.

You creepy, hot little sassbox.
Now, I'm not saying I made love to myself countless times while watching her next movie, but I did. In fact, JC was so hot in Career Opportunities that I'm lucky I never broke my junk watching that VHS tape over and over again.

She is why I used to work at Target.
Then came Labyrinth; the movie that everyone overlooks Phenomena in favor of. It was almost a Horror movie, as it was originally called "Attack of the Rape Goblin", but they changed the title to make it more kid friendly. They played it soooo safe in the 80's!

She has no idea that rape is imminent.
In Labyrinth, she either played a babysitter or a single mother whose baby is kidnapped by David Bowie, forcing her to seek the help of The Muppets to help her steal it back... and of course kill David Bowie. It was a good movie, although I was upset that the sex scenes were all cut from the film (even though I was still able to act them all out with stuffed animals in my room.)

JC shed her innocent image after that movie, and got kind of slutty. She started smoking, having sex, and showing her boobs in every movie she could... which only served to make my love for her grow. It wasn't all rainbows and unicorns though; her worst moment on film came when she had sex with Sonny Crockett in the movie The Hot Spot. What was she thinking?

Fuck you, Don Johnson! least it looks like she brushed her teeth afterwards.
She went on to win an Academy Award playing the girlfriend of some retarded guy or something like that, and then tried to get all highbrow on us; no Horror, no random boobs, no slutty fap material... but she did star in some good movies like Inventing the Abbott's, Mullholland Falls and Requiem for a Dream. The Hulk can blow me though.*In retrospect, all of the movies that are listed here all contain random boobs and plenty of slutty fap material. No Horror though. Whatever.

Finally she returned to horror in 2005's Dark Water. Ugh. She was great as usual, but the movie was another sad, uninspired J-Horror remake, which epically failed. Let's move on. It wasn't as bad as Witchcraft 5 (which she had a tiny, tiny cameo in), but still.

What a waste of a perfectly good and wet JC...
She went on to make a few more movies until someone eventually killed her, but being the Horror Hottie that she is, she rose from the dead to live on a sexy zombie. True story. Some say it was my love for her that wouldn't let her die; some say it was only a scene in a movie. I know the truth though. I think we all do.

Turns out it was a scene in a movie.
JC has cemented her name in the hearts of Horror fans everywhere with one little Italian Horror flick in the 80's, and for that she deserves the moniker of Horror Hottie. Besides, she's a doppelganger, and that makes her a monster of sorts. Don't believe me? Feel free to explain to me then how I saw 4 of her, at one time, swimming in a private lake that I have since named "Sexual Fantasy Lake." I even have proof:

Like you wouldn't go there if you knew where It was.
The lips, the eyes, some of the best boobs ever, dat ass... She really is one of the hottest Hotties that Hollywood has ever given us, and she seems to only be getting better with age.

She was our 2nd Hottie ever featured here a THC, and she'll always beone of our faves.

Butternut shied away after his confession of love for the girl holding his reins, the wounds of her cold and disssmissive "nay" still fresh on his heart.

May 12, 2008

Top 10 worst things horror has done to us in the 2000's

Where to start; the old "Top 10" list is a must for every critic/blogger/columnist/self-indulgent pompous asshole, I think, yet it's such a necessary tool...

For our first list, let's cover the Top 10 biggest disappointments of the 2000's. This decade has crapped on horror fans plenty, and really, this could easily be a top 50 list rather than narrowing it down to the 10 worst biggest suck jobs we've had to suffer through.

I'll start at 10, and work down to 1... Far be it from me to ruin the element of surprise, and kill all of the tension that's bound to well up inside of you.

Here we go...

The puzzle of Hollywood baffles us all.

10- Any Stephen King movie other than "The Mist"
Dear Stephen King, Hollywood hates you.

Try nonexistent.

9- Can I get a werewolf movie that doesn't suck?
The Howling Rules (Though it's 134 sequels suck horribly). An American Werewolf in London was way ahead of its time visually. Silver Bullet delivered the goods, and how. Even The Moster Squad handled lycanthropy with dignity; have any other wolfie films ever given the Wolfman nards? No, no they haven't.

Thank you decade of the 80's. Thank you.

So what of the shape shifting flicks of the year 2000 and Beyond you ask? Underworld is the benchmark here. Dog Soldiers manages not to offend. Brotherhood of the Wolf is decent enough even though its a French movie. The Ginger Snaps series... meh. As for the rest of the offerings we've gotten lately...

This really exists. Seriously.

Van Helsing? Don't get me started. I'll kick you square in the nuts.

Blood and Chocolate anyone? Sure it's PG-13, sure it's mired in mediocrity, sure it sucks, but here it is anyways!

Cursed??? Has Wes Craven gone retarded?

Screw you decade of the 2000's. With a twist of lime.

I'll always love you Tar-man.

8- Can someone other than Romero make a good zombie flick?
The Dawn of the Dead remake, Planet Terror, 28 Days Later and the down under indie Undead managed to pull it off, so where are the rest of them? Romero always makes horror fans smile, and Land of the Dead is proof of that. I did have issues with his Diary of the Dead, but I'll save those for another day... 2 of the 3 Resident Evil flicks were good.

So what in the hell were the makers of these films thinking?: Children of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead 2: Contagium, Day of the Dead 2008 (Remake), House of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead 4-5, Vampires vs. Zombies, Wicked Little things, Zombiez, Hood of the Living Dead.

Sure, the market for direct to video and made for cable horror is a cheap one, and they are meant to turn a quick little buck, but do they have to suck so bad? Plenty of horror flicks in the 70's and 80's cost $1.50 to make also, but they delivered the goods.

I guess I'm spoiled having grown up in a time where Romero was the king, Italian horror was plentiful and nasty good, parachute pants were rad, and Return of the Living Dead was at my local Cineplex (Which only had 4 theaters mind you).

Can we ever get back to the old people "Trapped in a house-fending off hordes of rotting undead who are hell bent on chewing them to death then pooping them out-the earth is doomed at the end" movies?

Now that I think of it, do zombies really poop?

No Snoop, The Leprechaun isn't your crimey.

7- Pointless Sequels
Sequels are one thing; who doesn't want to revisit a good story that they loved and check on the characters, make sure they're doing good? I do. I'm still waiting for the Cool as Ice sequel. Vanilla Ice pierced my soul with his talent and crazy outfits, and I still haven't let go. Don't make me wait Vanilla. Aww yeah, get off your butt and lets G-O!

Sequels to crap movies are another thing altogether. Fine, Hollywood needs to make its money, I get it; but good god, cant they find another way?

I have yet to meet one person ever who admits that they like Leprechaun in The Hood, or its drive-by inspiring sequel, Leprechaun 2: Back To Tha Hood. These are the 5th and 6th movies in the Leprechaun series folks, who the hell is watching them?!? And is there a reason that "Tha Hood" is the target audience for these two POS's? I always new leprechauns were racist.

Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance was necessary; the 7 people who actually liked the first one practically demanded it.

The Crow: Salvation, and The Crow: Wicked Prayer are two unnecessary follow-ups to an absolutely classic first film; for an encore, the producers behind these gems should just go and piss on Brandon Lee's grave... at least then the insult would be so direct that maybe his fathers ghost would rise from the grave and nunchuck the bastards to death.

Need I even comment on Witchcraft 11 & 12? I'm not kidding. Wishmaster 3? Mimic 2 &3? Tremors 4? Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman? I wish I was kidding...

Are you ready to cry yet?

Please stop. Please!

6- The Sci-Fi Channel
Ok, so it's very cool that there is a channel for Sci-Fi/Horror geeks to turn everyday and get a fix of what they need. The part that ruins it all has something to do with The Sci-Fi Channel making original movies. Pterodactyl, The Rock Monster, Aztec Rex, Sabretooth, Pythons 2, Species 3, Abomidable... the 45 movies about natural disaster that they churn out such as Magma and Meltdown... And don't forget The Ogre. Wow.

Even the movies they don't make themselves, yet laugh as they subject us to, are horrific; The Carnosaur Trilogy, Bloodrayne 1&2/House of the Dead/ any Uwe Boll movie, Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill, Earth vs. Spider, Mosquito, Crocodile 2: Death Roll, Centipede!... I'm stopping now, as I'm sure you get the point. If you don't, then wipe your chin... your pudding is dripping. Good boy. Now put on your helmet and go play.

Ok, Rest Stop tried it's ass off, but it still lacked something. Dog Soldiers was pretty good. The Tin Man miniseries was ok... Sci-Fi really tries, and even the schlock is fun sometimes, so I do give them credit.

All I'm asking for is that they try harder. Instead of showing Bzzzz: Evil Bees 4-The Sting again, use your position to push the TV envelope. I'll admit though, I did like Bzzzz: Evil Bees 3-Gettin' Bzzzy.

Hollywood doesn't have the balls to film this scene!

5- The Rape of Asian Horror
My online friend, PC Bang, once said to me "Why am they make many a lot Asia Horror film and suck please when time be good because movie?" Exactly my friend, I've wondered the same thing for years now.

You see, Asian Horror is all about pacing and atmosphere; The pacing is slow, the atmosphere quiet and moody, and every bit of it deliberate. They tend to start slow, sucking you in, feeding you info and quick glimpses and flashes of creepy shit here and there, then in the final reel, smash you in the face with the "Oh my fucking god!" hammer. They want you to feel the movie, and not just watch it. Much of it is brilliant, and will disturb you more than the Bea Arthur sex tape I downloaded last night. Trust me, the woman absorbed more KY than a Shamwow! sucks up water. Terrifying.


Unfortunately, American audiences as a whole need their movies dumbed down and explained to them, and god forbid if the action and cut scenes aren't aplenty; "something better jump out and scare me at least 20 times, or this movie sucks!" So, to feed the retarded nation of theatrical lemmings, Hollywood buys up the rights and gives us dreck like Dark Water, The eye, One Missed Call, and Shutter; each one a horribly abused representation of the original.

Keep in mind that The Ring was good, and so was The Grudge. Then again, they were basically the first of the Asian ports, so audiences had no clue what they were in for. the themes that drive Asian horror, and the visceral lengths to which Asian filmmakers are willing to go to get their point across has yet to be unparalleled in any of the American remakes.

The beginning scene from The Suicide Club is such a haunting visual and premise, that you can't help but be unsettled; Oldboy, a kinda-horror movie, gives us an ending so messed up that I still cry when I eat hot dogs; H, is more strange than terrifying, but if the scene on the bus doesn't make you close your eyes and try to turn off the TV, I don't know what will.

Until the American studios buying these films to remake tell their directors to have at it, and don't worry about ratings or box office, they will remain poor shells of the magic they're trying to recreate... er, cash in on.

Remake Battle Royale Hollywood, I dare you.

Don't forget random tea bagging.

4- PG-13 Horror Movies
Sounds redundant sounding right?

You see, three things make up a horror movie; Blood, Sex and Violence. And foul language. Also, disturbing images and intense themes. Sometimes rape. So a bunch of things make up a typical horror movie, and the more of them included, the better the movie tends to be (usually.)

Is it a coincidence that many of the crap remakes are released with the PG-13 rating? Of course not, Hollywood wants to make its money, and I can understand that. What I cant understand, is why make a horror movie that is missing most of the elements of a horror movie?

Wes Craven's Cursed, 2005's werewolf misstep was PG-13. It was also funnier than it was scary. Wes Craven is the godfather of exploitative and brutal horror; Last House on the Left anyone? The Hills Have Eyes maybe? Where is the FX mastery displayed in An American Werewolf in London? A frigging CGI werewolf? Imagine The Howling as a PG-13 movie. Thats actually depressing.

Some movies can work with a PG-13 rating. The Ring is a good example, so is The Lady in White (Excellent little movie from 1988), and Tremors worked no matter what the rating; the only thing is, movies like that have a strong script and story, and are usually well made. It isn't the bad movies that are the issue here, they're doomed anyways; it's the "could have been better" movies, that instead could have been great movies, that suffer the most.

Thank god for independent horror.

Ask Tara Reid...

3- Uwe Boll
Why is he alive? Scarier still, how in the world does the man keep getting work? Have actors like Ray Liotta and Jason Statham not seen his movies? Why has Michael Pare' been in 6 of the man's movies? Ok, so Pare' has also starred in Ninja Cheerleaders and Komodo vs. Cobra lately, but still...

Hmm... Now Quasimodo vs. Cobra might be a fun movie... Pissed off shut in mongoloid against sassy snake... sorry... I'll get back on point...

Uwe Boll has made a career out of adapting video games to film, and very poorly. House of the Dead, Bloodrayne, Alone in the Dark, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale... I'll stop there, because it doesn't get any better. The movies are so horrible, that none have cracked the "magical" 6 million dollar mark opening weekend at the box office in the U.S. The guy has failed with zombies, vampires, mongoloid monsters, and Tara Reid. He has failed horror fans at every turn.

What he does, see, is use an obscure German law that in essence, allows film makers to write off 100% of the cost of making a movie as a tax credit. Boll sucks so much, that the German government has changed the law, eliminating the tax credit completely. His lack of talent made a government change a fucking law. Wow, just... Wow.

The guy has so many people who hate him, that he challenged any critics of his to a 10 round boxing match. He fought 5 people, beating them all. Those losers should have been made to go home and watch each of Boll's movies, one after the other, until they found a way to kill themselves with the DVD cases. shame on you all for losing to the insane German!

In April 2008, Boll promised to retire if an online petition gained 1 million signatures asking him to do so. I pray to every god or deity that exists, please make this happen. I swear that if he retires, I'll stop watching clown porn, and let the kittens out of the "Hamper."

I swear.

Kitty hates remakes most of all.

2- Remakes
This really should have been #1 on the horror travesty list, but for reasons beyond my control, remakes will just have to be happy here in the #2 slot. You'll see.

Why Hollywood? Why must you not only remake movies, but remake movies that didn't need remaking in the first place? Further more, why must these unnecessary remakes be, for the most part, so god awful?

You can definitely make a case for remakes being a good thing; John Carpenter's The Thing is a great example of a remake being better than the original. Hell, even Sam Raimi remade The Evil Dead twice, and called them sequels. Dawn of the Dead, TCM, The Ring, The Fly... there are examples of good, effective remakes out there...

What I don't get, are remakes that suck so bad that I want to slap myself just for knowing that they exist. It's like killing your daughter and making a new kid out of clay; sure, you can call her Molly, but guess what, she's just a big pile of clay! Do you really think she's going to clean her room? Clay can't move!

Just like Molly, the non-child made of clay, most horror remakes are useless too. Can someone explain why The Fog was remade? As a horror flick, the 1980 version is a near perfect creep fest, which delivers in every aspect. The 2005 version is as bad as seeing your grandmother naked, and less scary. I mean, what's with the graveyard slow dance-kiss thing at the end? Huh?
And who the hell told Tom Welling he could leave Smallville? I guess random flashbacks and psychic visions of the past are useful... The 1980 version was about a fog bank that rolls into a sleepy seaside town, and the ghosts coming with it unleashing bloody retribution; the 2005 version is about a girl looking to unravel a mystery before anyone even cares to know the answers.

Let me talk briefly about 2007's The Hitcher. Not atrocious, but it still sucked, and isn't as good as the 1986 versions credits.

How about the 2008 Version of Prom Night? What a gem. How can you remake an 80's slasher film with no blood or nudity, and rate it PG-13, and be satisfied with it? These damn O.C. rejects starring in horror movies adds nothing to them either, except for the twelve year olds who watched shows like the O.C to begin with. They like, love scary movies and stuff. Like.

The worst of the bunch has to be the magnum opus of horror movie fuck-ups: When a Stranger Calls. Wow, this movie is as terrifying as Michael Jackson and Prince having a Karate fight. Only less purple. Yet more gay. Odd...

The 1976 original has maybe the most terrifying opening and ending I've ever seen in a horror flick; sure, the middle was slow, but damn if the beginning and end didn't more than make up for it.

It sure as hell wasn't some "Chase me around the house" BS, nor did it make use of the sudden "Boo" type of cheap-o scares 453 times in 90 minutes. I guess she was a babysitter, and some guy called and asked her "Have you checked the children?" though, so its alright. Right?

Don't worry though, Hollywood isn't finished. , Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm street (With no Robert Englund), My Bloody Valentine 3-D, Hellraiser, Night of the Demons, The Blob (Which is a remake of the 1988 remake)... it's enough to make me cry.

Kudos to the people/studios that have given us solid and near faithful remakes. To the rest, feel free to make out with my penis.

Image Hosted by

1- M. Night Shamalamayanamnalan
Is there a better ambassador for douchebaggery in all of Hollywood? The guy starts off with two really good (arguably) movies (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable), one pretty good movie (Signs, although it got all religionish and preachy on us at the end), then turns the corner and hands us The Village and Lady in the Water. Some modern day Hitchcock he turned out to be.

The Village was bad enough with it's lame ass, cop out, negate the whole fucking movie "Twist" ending, and we sure as hell don't need him preaching to us how quickly society is rocketing towards hell gates. He made me pull for the blind girl for two hours, only to find out that her tool of a dad is hiding her and all of his friends from black carjackers? Fuck me sideways!

But when he gave us Lady in the Water, his ego feeding own hype selling "My stories can save humanity if you sheep would just get it" suck job of a suck ass movie, he truly arrived as the defacto Swamp Donkey of the decade (I'm talking Hollywood only here)

The man pushes on us a story about a Narf named Stori (Story, get it), who will inspire a writer (Played by Shyamalan) to write a story that will one day inspire some kid to change, and thereby save, the world.

If that isn't pretentious, I'm not sure that anything else ever will be. It's so shameful, that the guy had to play the part of the guy that he based on himself. Ugh.

Let's not even talk about the ridiculous names he uses for people and things in the movie; Narf, Scrunt (Thats the retarded wolf monster), Tartutics (Evil wolf-like monekys)... or the fact that the whole movie was based on a bedtime story he wrote for his kids, which is painfully evident... or the fact that they sucked...

It's one thing to be self absorbed, self indulgent, and preachy if you make good movies; hell, I'll sit through anything that Sean Penn is in, but when you churn out uninspiring crap and you're an asshole, you lose. We all do.

It's a shame, because The Happening looks interesting at first: People start randomly dying, and the ones left alive have to figure out why and how to stay alive. It was originally titled "The Green Effect" , and from the script spoilers I've heard, we should all be terrified of plants and trees, because they are tired of our negativity. Ok fine, or not... except for the fact that we know that he's got some kind of crap "Twist" in store for us. SPOILERS- Everyone is dying because they don't recognize his true genius as a filmmaker -END SPOILERS.

Swamp Donkey.

May 5, 2008

Horror Hotties: Rachel Nichols

Going way back to 2008, Rachel Nichols was our very first Horror Hottie. We even put her before Jennifer Connelly, which is borderline blasphemy for us, but it had to be done.

Rachel Nichols, perhaps above all others, deserves every bit of our creepy and unhealthy affection. At the "just right" age of 32 (she was around 28 when we first wrote this post), she's put together an impressive body of work thus far, although the impressiveness of her work pales in comparison to that of her actual body (face included, of course.)

Maybe it's the "come put it in me" look in her eyes that draws us to her so strongly.

That's her "I'm about to slap you in the mouth" look. We're not big fans fo that one.
It all started with her now classic turn as the weed-smoking, whore babysitter in the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror. Her performance in that movie is the stuff that dreams are made of; dirty, filthy, unattainable dreams. She may have only had a few scant minutes of screen time, but Rachel Nichols wowed critics and fans alike with her riveting performance.

That tongue needs its own movie.
The Amityville remake also provided us with the Horror Hottie showdown of the decade: Rachel Nichols vs. Mmmelissa George! It's mind boggling to think that two of the New Millennium's banginest Horror Hotties could occupy the same celluloid space and not cause some sort of space/time anomaly, but it happened. Mmmelissa George is top notch, but Rachel Nichols wont this round.

I have to believe in my heart that Ryan Reynolds somehow got the two of them into a steamy on-set trailer threesome, because if he didn't, he has failed mankind. I sincerely hope he at least tried like hell.

Good 1970's God in disco heaven!
When she played the bitchy Samantha in Lucky McKee's The Woods a year later, my "admiration" for her "craft" only grew. This time out, she played a sassy and evil schoolgirl, and yes, she spends most of her time in the movie rocking a schoolgirl uniform. Who cares what the damn movie was about (even though it was pretty good) because she plays a naughty schoolgirl!

Too bad that the "got caught smoking/punished in detention by the perverted old pedo-dean" scene was cut from the final print of the movie. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be included on some sort of Special Edition Unrated Director's Cut Blu-ray, and that there's a collectible hand towel included...

Rachel Nichols, in "The Woods." Not to be confused with Evan Rachel Wood. (The hotness factor is fairly similar though.)
Rachel ventured into the realm of Horror one more time, in 2007's P2. The movie focuses on her character being so hot, that some guy locks her in a parking garage and tries to rape/marry/kill her.

This movie totally rips off the script I'm constantly writing in my mind, which coincidentally has the exact same plot. Mine isn't just limited to a parking garage though; sometimes it's a cabin on a lake, sometimes it's in a broom closet at 7-11...once, it was even set in an igloo. Anyways, she's pretty hot in this flick. So yeah, Horror, Horror, Horror, blah, blah, blah... Time for another pic!

Even when shes soiled and distraught, she's still quite pleasant to look at.
She has range too, people; do you think that just any run-of-the-mill actress could handle demanding roles in movies like Sex and the City, and Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, the way that she did? Yeah, so do we, but at least she's in demand.

Star Trek was a waste of Rachel Nichols', talents, as all they did was paint her green and have her play an alien whore for like 10 minutes... could she not have been like a sexy Klingon or something? She had a bigger role in G.I. Joe, but that movie was pretty awful, so, meh. That's no fault of hers though, we blame Stephen Sommers for that mess.

We're just gonna pretend that Alex Cross, and Rachel's participation in Alex Cross, never happened. It's just better that way.

Rachel's new movie: Fingers are a Girls Best Friend.
Sexy and talented, the best part about Rachel Nichols is that she seems like she'd be a cool girl to hang with. She's a pretty DieHard Football Fan, and we can totally picture her wearing nothing but an NFL jersey on a chilly Fall Sunday, drinking beer and screaming at her TV... when someone scores a TD, maybe she rips that jersey off, spins it above her head like a helicopter, and screams "hell yeah!"

It really doesn't get much better than that.

You can currently catch this sultry dish trying to save the future on the Canadian TV show, Continuum, which is being run in the U.S. on Syfy. At least she's got a good run going on that show, because she was cut out of Criminal Minds way too quick.We're still pissed about that, CBS.

Oh, that shirt has words on it? Didn't even read.
It's more than clear that Rachel Nichols has made an impression on the world of Horror (and Film/TV in general), and is also really, really, seriously, smoking hot. We can't wait to see her in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's The Ten O'Clock People, where she'll literally be smoking hot, but until then, I guess we'll just have to watch Continuum.