November 29, 2014

Blu-ray & DVD round-up for November

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November may not have been as spectacular a month for Blu-ray & DVD releases as October was, but it still gave us some great titles to choose from.

For our money, both Demons releases, Housebound, The Damned, and Pumpkinhead II were the month's Must Have Horror titles; and The Hobbit Extended Edition, Maleficent, and The Sopranos: The Complete Series were the best Non-Genre offerings.

Seeing as we're right in the middle of Black Friday Weekend, a lot of the month's releases are available now at discounted prices, and should be through Cyber Monday, so grab what you need now while it's cheap (or at least cheaper.)

Happy Holidays!


What's new on VOD this week?

VOD 550
Black Friday is now over, so while you're recuperating from your shopping-inflicted wounds and fatigue, maybe you should kick back and rent a movie. They're totally therapeutic like that.

The Babadook is really the only VOD release of note this week unless you're 14 and consider anything with "Mutant Turtle" in the title to be of note. So click the pics below to rent something, and if none of those movies do it for you, then there's bound to be something that strikes your fancy over on our VOD Release Dates page.

*As of right now, Amazon is having issues getting both The Babadook & Feed the Gods up and working on Amazon Instant. They said that they're working to rectify the situation, so either wait for them to sort it out, or head over to iTunes/Cable VOD to watch either film.

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The Babadook: A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son's fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.

The Babadook is one of the most praised Horror movies of 2014, and rightly so; it's fresh, different, and above all else, it's genuinely terrifying (on a few different levels.) If you read our review below, you'll see that we took issue with the movie's main characters, but that the movie evolved into something that made us forget about their annoying behavior.

This is a very solid and effective movie, and it's well worth your time and rental $$$.

Read our review of The Babadook here.
Feed the Gods: Two brothers return to a small mountain town in search of their long lost parents only to discover that the place has a monstrous taste for tourists.

The trailer for Feed the Gods looks decent enough, but this is one of those movies that could go either way. We're hoping that it leans more towards the "pleasant surprise" side of the scale. I guess we'll find out.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: When a kingpin threatens New York City, a group of mutated turtle warriors must emerge from the shadows to protect their home.

We include TMNT here not because it's anything that we really care to promote, but because we know that the franchise is beloved by millions of people, and especially kids. Kids love these guys. Your kids will love these guys.

So this is basically a kids movie. Rent accordingly.

November 28, 2014

THC's Holiday Gift Guide! Part 3: Gift Sets & Fun Stuff

*Why fight the crowds when Amazon has Blu-ray & DVD up to 80% off! Amazon's Movie & TV Holiday Deals Calendar

Movies, movies, movies. We love 'em, you love 'em, and most important of all, we want other people to love 'em too. That's why they make great gifts.

Below you'll find some great TV Shows, as well as some of the best Non-Genre movies that were released in 2014, all of which make for great gifts for the Horror Lovers in your life, or even yourself. There's no shame in taking advantage of some Black Friday Week bargains for yourself. Guilt is for suckers.

  • Keep in mind that prices will rise and fall, so if you want something that is still a bit too much for your tastes, add it to your cart, and check back until it drops again. 
  • Also, if you prefer DVD versions of these movies, you can select that option form the linked Blu-ray pages.

We'll be back tomorrow with a list of Dirt Cheap Horror Blu-ray's that are just too good to pass up for the price. For now though, peruse the list below, click the pics to order whatever strikes your fancy, and make hay while the sun shines!
This Halloween Bl-ray Box Set contains so much material, that it basically took us the entire month of October to get through. 10 movies, 14 cuts of those movies, and hours of Bonus Features spread across all of the discs (plus a dedicated Bonus Disc)... this is as definitive of a collection that the Halloween Series will ever see, and a Must Own for any true Halloween fan. $100.96.
The Saw Series was hit or miss for us. We loved the first movie, liked the next two, and then really didn't care for the last four. As the series wore on, it became nothing more than a vehicle to showcase elaborate, gory kills, which isn't a bad thing at all, but it just lost a lot of its mojo. That being said, this set is a great value, and we're excited to go back through and watch them all in 1080p quality. We'll just fast-forward to the kill scenes during the last few movies. $17.89.
The Exorcist: The Complete Anthology set is much like the Saw Collection; excellent first film, one great sequel (Part 3), and a mixed bag as far as the rest of the sequels go. The only truly "bad" film of this bunch is Exorcist 2 though, so that's good. When this set drops back down to around $20 (which it will), it will be a steal. Until then, it will sit in our Shopping Cart, waiting. $32.30.
The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection isn't anywhere near as exhaustive as the Halloween set is, but it's still a Must Own for Freddy fans. We're a bit bummed by the fact that Freddy Vs.Jason isn't included here (yet it's included in the Friday the 13th Collection), and that it never seems to dip lower than the mid-$30 mark, but it's still a great set to own. $37.19.
We hesitate to buy The Resident Evil Collection because we know that there's one more movie coming eventually, and that means that there will be a "Complete Collection" of all six RE films at some point... but we don't know when it's coming, and do we really want to wait for a year or two to re-watch these action-packed guilty pleasures? $37.99.
Underworld and Resident Evil feel like they're sister series to us; one involves zombies, and one involves vampires, but both involve a hot chick killing monsters in crazy, visually-stunning, fun, and ridiculous ways. Again, this is guilty pleasure material, but we can't help but love it. $37.99.
What a great deal for a Blu-ray set of one of the greatest Sci-Fi/Horror series of all time. 4 movies, 8 cuts, and two discs jam-packed with a crazy amount of of Bonus Features, this is one of the best Box Sets that we own. This is an amazing collection, and fans of the Alien Universe will be in heaven exploring it. $24.96.
The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions are as good as it gets, as far as both fantasy movies and Special/Director's Cut editions go. These three movies (which are great in their original form) are made into even better films with the inclusion of the extended footage, to the point where they honestly play like different movies. If you own the Theatrical Versions, upgrade. If you own the movies on DVD, upgrade. The point is, if you don't own these movies in their Extended Edition form, and on Blu-ray, then you simply have to upgrade. Yes, they are that good$41.99.

We love these Multi-pack sets, as they're usually a solid value, and they save all kinds of space!
As far as we're concerned, the Paranormal Activity franchise stopped at part three; the last two movies have sucked, and much like the Saw Series, it feels like the PA movies are being released just for the sake of being released now. The first three movies scared the bejeezus out of us though, and we're happy to own them in one slim little package. $24.99.
Two relatively obscure Horror movies of the 80's, Scream Factory has given both Bad Dreams and Visiting Hours a nice new transfer, and placed them both in one handy little set at a great price. We like. $15.89.
Again with Scream Factory, but this time, they're giving us two 70's classics to love in 1080p glory. We like even more. $17.99.
For under $14, how can you go wrong with these two Post-Apocalyptic gems? We were kind of hoping that maybe we'd get a third movie, maybe 28 Months Later or something, these two may just have to be enough for us, and they are. $13.39.
Carrie (1976) is a classic, and the 2013 remake was actually pretty good, so this Blu-ray 2-pk is right up our alley. Plus, that cover art is killer. $24.99.
Aside from Apollo 18, the movies in this 4-pk are all great, and worth owning on Blu-ray. At that $16 price point, this set is an absolute steal. $16.67.
We'd buy this set for The Ring alone, but the fact that Case 39 and The Uninvited were decent enough flicks as well, makes it an even better bargain in our eyes. $19.96.
For $11.99, this set is even better than the previous two. The Perfect Getaway is the weakest link here, but Last House & The Strangers are both great flicks worth owning, especially at such a cheap price. $11.99.

...and what would Christmas be without any cool toys or games to play with?
We're totally addicted to these little Funko guys. They offer tons of different ones from all kinds of movies and TV Shows, but naturally, it's the Horror characters that we covet the most. Click the above pic of Sam to browse through all of the Funko Horror figures, and be ready to say "I want that!" about 100 times.
We've been playing a lot of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel lately, but if Santa is good to us and leaves The Evil Within under our tree this year, we'll be switching it up immediately. This game looks creepy as hell, and we can not wait to play it.

*Available for PS4/PS3, Xbox One/Xbox 360, PC, and Digital Code for all consoles. $41.89 & up.
We already own this fantastic Walking Dead game, but if we didn't, there's no other Horror game that we'd buy before it. It's a moody, creepy, and surprisingly emotional game, and for $29.99, you really can't beat the value.

*Available for PS4/PS3, Xbox One/Xbox 360, PC, and Digital Code for all consoles.$29.99 & up.
Lego games are awesome, period. The Batman Lego games might be the best of them, and we're excited to get our hands on Batman 3 asap. Honestly, if you want to own a game that will keep you busy for hours and make you smile, make sure it says Lego in the title, and you're all set.

*Available for PS4/PS3/Vita/Digital Code, Xbox One/Xbox 360, Wii U/3DS, & PC. $29.99-$59.96.
We don't own a Wii U, but if we did, this game would be one of the few that we'd own. Mario games are always fun, and when it comes to any of the Super Smash Bros. games, they're even better. Play this one with friends if you're sitting around bored and in need of something fun to do. It'll make your night.

*Available for Wii U ($59.99) and 3DS ($35.79)
How could we not want this? $42.99.
If we bought these, I think we'd be tempted to leave them in a box and display them. If we did open them and use them for shots, I get the Darryl glass. You can have Michonne. $16.98.
Finally, we have to include one last thing, because it's just too awesome not to mention; Tarman has his own statue! Tarman is one of our all-time faves, and that statue looks pretty great, so we're pretty sure that he's going to end up on our shelf sometime in the near future. Now if it only talked... $23.99.