November 20, 2014

The Nightbreed: The Director's Cut (Limited Edition) Blu-ray is half off!
Normally $79, the Nightbreed 3-disc Blu-ray set is only $48.54!!!

Now, if you love this movie, and have always wanted to see the rumored Cabal Cut, then this is the disc you have been waiting for. This is Clive Barker's personal version of the Cabal Cut, which boasts 20 minutes of new footage, along with 20+ additional minutes of alternate takes/footage that isn't in the Theatrical Cut.

This set is also the only place where you can get the Theatrical Cut.

This 3-disc set contains:
  • The Theatrical Cut.
  • The Director's Cut.
  • A Bonus Disc featuring tons of special features. (4 hours worth of bonus material in total, between the Bonus Disc and the features on the Blu-ray disc.)

This is a crazy low price, and who knows how long it will last, so if you love all things Clive Barker, then get it while you can! It's limited to 10,000 copies.


  1. Still Way out of my "price range".... and my favorite film as well....
    Have a Great day ... and thanks for posting this.....
    We even joined the "Occupy Midian" group that helped to make this release possible....

  2. Theda, I can't remember the last time I spent more than $40 for a Blu-ray, and that was the complete series of Deadwood. I'm personally going to buy the DC only version for $20, and call it a day. I've never been as rabid about Nightbreed as so many others have been, though.

    And Occupy Midian... that is great!