November 18, 2014

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for November 18th

Three new Scream Factory Blu-ray releases, one Amazon Exclusive, an underrated sequel, a crazy Killer Santa movie, a bald Antonio Banderas, Bruce Campbell in space, a modern-day classic, and what may be the shittiest Summer Movie we've seen in years... Welcome to this week's Blu-ray releases!

*Order through us by clicking any of the pics below, and receive a 0% discount! Who are you kidding, we don't have enough clout to get discounts for us, let alone everyone in the world. We would if we could though. Get discounts, we mean. For us.

BDz-infoautochristmasdarkhbintomonkeymoonpennpumpkinsintrancers170 x 224
If you're looking to get into the holiday spirit, then maybe Christmas Evil is the movie you need? Alright, no one needs this movie, but as Killer Santa movies go, it is one of the best. It's a "smart" slasher flick from 1980 that boasts one of the biggest "WTF?!?" endings we've ever seen... and we're kinda curious to see how it looks in Blu-ray quality.

Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings is the Blu-ray that we want the most this week. We know it's a cheesy sequel that is nowhere near as good as the first movie, but it's so 80's good that we can't pass it up. Plus, we totally had crushes on Ami Dolenz and Soleil Moon Frye when we were kids, so we kinda need to see them in HD quality whenever possible... for nostalgia's sake. Anywho, We'll be ordering this latest offering from Scream Factory, pronto.

We've already got our copy of Housebound, but we haven't watched it yet. Why? Because we're six reviews behind right now, and we're not watching anything new until we're caught up! That's why. Housebound looks great, and it's garnered some great reviews from those who have already seen it, so we're fairly confident that we'll dig it. The Housebound Blu-ray is an Amazon Exclusive, BTW, so if you're looking to check it out, you have to order it through them. *Just click the pic above, and you're all set. We gotcha back.

The Dark Half is the second of three Scream Factory releases for the week, and it just might be the best of them. Based on a Stephen King novel, The Dark Half tells the tale of a writer (what a surprise) who discovers that he has an evil twin of sorts... This is a classy and atmospheric movie, and while it's not one of the most famous of King's movie adaptations, it certainly is one of the best. Definitely worthy of a buy.

Trancers is one of those cheesy 80's Sci-Fi/Horror mash-ups that isn't very good, but still somehow manages to be fun as hell. Its main character is named Jack Deth, and it stars a before-she-was-famous Helen Hunt, so really, what more do you need? Zombies? Time Travel? It's got those too. If you like it low-fi and silly, then Trancers was practically made for you.

As for the rest of this week's Blu's...

  • Into the Storm was an awful movie, but the tornadoes looked great. Seriously though, it was really BAD. 
  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was nowhere as good as the first Sin City movie, but it had its moments. We mostly liked it, but it was massively disappointing... kinda like Machete Kills.
  • Monkey Shines is a solid movie, although it's not really our cup of tea. Scream Factory doesn't play though, so if it sounds like it's your thing, this new Blu-ray version won't steer you wrong.
  • Penance and Automata both look good, but we've seen neither.
  • And finally, if you like cheesy, cheap, Sci-Fi movies from the 80's, then Moontrap is most definitely a Must Own. I mean, it's got Bruce Campbell and Checkov in it, how can it not be good?

As far as this week's DVD's go, it's getting way too close to Christmas for us to be spending our money on this kind of B-grade schlock. Then again, every one of these movies is probably better than Into the Storm, so, we digress.


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