August 2, 2012

Horror Hotties: Elizabeth Olsen

She didn't even start acting in movies until 2011 -her "Girl in Car" role in her Sisters' crappy 1994 movie doesn't count- and yet Lizzie Olsen is already blazing a trail to Horror Hottiness.

Elizabeth is the little sister of infamous Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and we're going on record right now as saying she's the hottest of them all. Sure, the Olsen Twins were America's darlings when they were kids, and then they turned into some sort of Jailbait fascination for perverts everywhere as they grew older, but unbeknownst to us, they had an even hotter little sister all along.

There was a "they're almost 18!" type of countdown for them back in the day. Of course, we just heard about this now. Not then.
Well, little sister is all grown up now and she's got a hot little career going for herself... not to mention that she has a hot little face and body going for her too, but we don't mean that it a superficial way. No, we appreciate her beauty because it's art... sexy, sexy art.

If you haven't seen Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene yet, you really should check it out. Not only is it a quietly disturbing and eerie movie, but Lizzie bravely bares it all in this one without flinching. So with this movie not only did she prove that she's a great actress, but that she has an awesome rack and will show it off for the sake of art. What is not to love about that?

Damn Censorship!
In the American remake of The Silent House, she again proves her acting chops by making this tedious movie somewhat tolerable. She didn't get naked this time out, but she does walk around all sweaty in a tank top, and some pretty creepy plot elements go down which just made us love her all the more. She's also a little bad-ass in this one.

"You want a... you want a lap dance? Fine. Here it comes!"
In Red Lights, she does little more than show up and bang Cillian Murphy, but she does it so convincingly well, that we felt her characters' emotional distress through it all. Alright, she does more than just bang Cillian Murphy in the movie, but it's all pretty negligible.

Don't act surprised. You knew what this was.
As far as the upcoming Spike Lee-helmed remake of the beyond-awesome Korean film, Oldboy, if the plot follows the original film closely, we're in for some crazy disturbing nakedness and sex from our esteemed Ms. Olsen. If you haven't seen Oldboy, go and watch it now, you're missing out on a masterpiece. Elizabeth Olsen is perfect for the role too, so let's hope it all works out for the creepy best.

Yep, we believe that she can handle any role.

Not only does she have Oldboy coming out soon, but she's also going to be starring in the Godzilla reboot opposite Heisenberg himself, Mr. Bryan Cranston. Add to that her surefire star-making turn as Scarlet Witch in 2015's Avengers sequel, and it's safe to say that her rocket is pretty much flying itself to the moon right now.

At least she's keeping it genre, folks, and we truly believe that there is another Horror flick or two in her future. If not, then I guess the Sci-fi stuff will have to suffice. We can live with that.

Like we said before, in little more than two year's time we've been introduced to a crazy-hot girl with immense talent and no fear, who has been starring in plenty of genre flicks... and we have faith that she will always be "one of ours." We salute the deserving Elizabeth Olsen, and look forward to more of her fantastic acting (nakedness) soon.

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