Festival Releases

With all of the great Horror & Genre Film Festivals that take place around the world throughout the year, we figured that it might be handy to gather them into one post, so that Horror fans can keep track of the best and most talked about upcoming Genre projects.

Whether it's Comic-Con, Fantasia, Stiges, SXSW, TIFF, Sundance, or Frightfest, the Film Festivals of the world are a great way to find out what's coming soon to screens near us, and whether or not they're worth our time and money.

Below, we'll include banners for each Festival as they come up get closer, and you can click them to get coverage of their happenings, or a list of what they'll be showing and when. If you're lucky enough to live near one of these Festivals, or just plan on attending, then this page can help you plan out what to see, which is even better.

  • TIFF is happening now from September 8th-18th.
  • FrightFest is up next (Aug. 25th-29th)
  • The Comic-Con banner will take you to individual posts. 
  • The Fantasia Banner will take you to a Release Date List for all of the notable movies showing/premiering there.



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  2. SXSW is coming up beginning of March!

  3. Tribeca and Cannes are coming up!

  4. Is this tab dead? I love reading about upcoming indie films at festivals! :/

  5. Do you guys ever attend festivals?