February 14, 2012

Horror Hotties- The Boobies Edition

Sure, this post seems all sorts of superficial, but today is the international day of amore; a day for loving and appreciating all things wonderful, and boobs are some of the wonderfullest things ever!

Sp let's take a look at 10 of the best and most love-inducing pairs of boobs working in the Horror genre today.

Diora Baird is rocking two huge scoops of sinful vanilla delight!
This girl, Alexandra Daddario, is a double threat; perfect boobs and perfect eyes.
Pale, ginger, and curvy... we love us some Deborah Ann Woll.
Katie Featherston's rack haunts our dreams. True story.
Ghost Hunters is kinda lame, but Kris Williams' bikini-geists aren't.
Rachel Nichols is a dirty girl, and we love her for it.
Amber Heard is geting skinnier since becoming a Lesbian, but she's still hot.
Julianna Guill may honestly have the best pair of boobs ever. Also, perfect nipple placement.
Amanda Seyfried is right behind Julianna Guill in the best ever catergory.
Maybe Katrina Bowden's boobs are small, but then so are Hobbits, and they pretty much saved the Universe!


  1. Stellar list. I never bothered looking in to how rocking Kris Williams' body was until just now. And for that, I thank you.

  2. I never realized that either until I found that random pic of her. So let us both thank Google :)