February 25, 2012

Who will win February's Hottie Wrangle?

1 alessandra-torresani-topless-maxim-022 eva-green-1
3 violente placidovio02a Allison_ochmanek

Will it be Alessandra Torresani for playing the rebellious slut in Playback or Eva Green for fighting a viral pandemic in Perfect Sense? Violante Placido was hotter than even Johnny Blaze was in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and Allison Ochmanek was the only redeeming part of Filth to Ashes... will either of them win? Then again one of the girls of The Fades could be crowned Hottie of the Month, because Lily Loveless and Natalie Dormer are both dirty birds.

It's so hard to decide...

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