February 12, 2012

The Walking Dead is back!

The hiatus is over, and The Walking Dead is back.

The big question on my mind was would the action pick up now, or would we get more soap opera drama? Before I answer that question, keep in mind that we here at THC love TWD, even though it favors interpersonal drama over zombie killing action. It's a good show. Hell, it's a great show. It's just that it could be a better "zombie" show, you know?

The first new episode since the break was more of the same. I am personally getting tired of the whining, the indecision, the girly drama... the time has come for the characters to start doing instead of talking about doing.

Shane may be an asshole, and most likely insane, but he does have the right idea; kill em all. I think Darryl is back on that boat too, which is a good thing. Maybe one of them could shoot Dale and ease all of our pain, because seriously, the world is over and the soap box morality bullshit is getting old.

The farm is done. It's been compromised by not only walkers, but other humans looking for refuge, and they need to move on. There's no Sophia to stay for, so let's get a move on; the plot needs that desperately. No more moping, no more self delusion and pondering... it's time to survive. Yes, they've survived just fine so far, but realistically they've been lucky.

The best scene of tonight's ep. was the final one in the bar room; It looks like Herschel finally gets it, and let's hope that Rick does now too.

Most inportantly, please let Morgan show up at some point. Lennie James is amazing and has sorely been missed since the beginning of season 1. Let him show up with a plan, and help Rick lead. Lennie saved the day in Jericho, he could do it here too.

Here's to hoping next week picks up action wise.

Bring him back! (Thanks in advance.)


  1. They stayed safe at the farm, even with a barn full of zombies, they should be safe forever now that there are no more zombies. And they could probably find a wheat harvester (a la Bad Taste) or a snow churner (with those spiral grinders in front) to solve all the zombie problems.
    But what amazes me most is that you would end your post with Lennie James and not Lauren Cohan. Did the Aes Sedai do something to our M'Hael?

  2. Hey now, Lennie deserved some love. I felt odd not having a hottie at the bottom like normal, but it was called for.

    I'm down with the wheat harvester plan.

    And I am very impressed that you just dropped some Wheel of Time knowledge on me. That makes you aces, bruv.

  3. I was just glad to see Rick do something besides cry and moan for the first time in a few episodes.. Still, things are looking up, for sure.

  4. Same here James. He had an almost Justified moment. Loved it.