February 19, 2012

I'm starting to side with Shane...

WARNING: This is a rant, and a long one at that.

I know, he's a dick, a bit irrational, an most likely insane, but he makes more sense than any of the other characters do. While everyone sits around whining about respecting feelings, and how you should deliver a message, Shane is out there getting the job done. He saved the kid (more than once), he saved Lori (more than once), he knew Sophia was a lost cause, and he did exactly what needed doing with the barn full of walkers... say what you will, but he's the only person making much sense these days in Zombieville.

Take Rick, Herschel and Glenn for example; Herschel's daughter is back home, deep in a coma, and they decide to stop for drinks? Could they not have grabbed a bottle or two and got the hell back home instead? Now, they've killed a bunch of people, probably pissed a bunch more off, and have a "hostage." All of it because of very poor decision making and lack of smarts. You bitch slap Herschel and tell him to get in the damn game, or you cut him loose.

Lori is a moron (and a bitch to boot) as well. She's pregnant, and decides to drive alone into the zombie wilderness to tell Rick to come back home? Not only could she die in the attempt, which she nearly did, but what about her baby and her son? Why would she run off and risk the chance that her living kid would be an orphan? Shane's the bad guy though, because he fibbed to get her and her unborn baby back to safety and make sure Carl at least had one parent alive to take care of him. How awful of him to lie to her! No sense at all.

Dale really needs to stop whining like he has sand in his vagina too. Aww, the girl who is 20+ years his junior wants to bang the younger, hotter guy and not him? That's called life, Granddad. Dale honestly acts like a woman with his jealous cock-blockery. Herschel is just as curmudgeonly as Dale is, grousing about "This is my land!" and causing more drama than he's worth. People over 50 on this show need to sit down and let this kids handle things. or maybe you take them out behind the shed and give 'em the Old Yeller treatment.

Darryl might be acting all sour and moody these days, but at least he hasn't put anyone in immediate peril with his attitude or mood.

It just seems as if everyone is more "Me, me me!" than "Us, us, us!" like they should be, and it's getting annoying. And now Lori is revving Rick up to kill Shane? Come on. He saved your kid, but you have issues with how he did it? Yes it was F'd up, but that's your kid. you owe him.

They should have put that guy in town out of his misery, Shane should have capped Herschel, Maggie should have bitch slapped Glenn and told him to man up, Shane should have capped Dale, and Rick should have bitch slapped Lori and told her to shut up and stay put from now on. Drama needs to be quelled, and people need to focus on their primary goal, which is survival.

There's too much melodrama and not enough smarts going on here. Forget smarts, it's probably more common sense that most of these characters are lacking. People on this show need to get out of their "What about my feelings" mode and into survival mode promptly, because it's all getting pretty frustrating.

And before anyone comes along and says "But it's the human condition at work here" or "You can't abandon your own humanity to survive, or you're no better than the monsters that are trying to kill you!" let me tell you this; In the post-apocalyptic world that these people live in, my first and only priority would be my safety, and the safety of my loved ones. Add to that helping others, which is fine too, but not when petty issues put our lives in danger. You want to survive? Well that means that tough decisions are going to have to be made, and those decisions are going to involve guns. There's no room for "It's not right!" or "I don't like his methods!"

Ugh. It's a good show, but it could be great if they lose some of the soap opera BS.

Alright, I'm done. For now.


  1. If all the soap opera BS got you that worked up, then I think it accomplished exactly what they wanted: a passionate response.

  2. Mate,just read the novel,i hate the movie and i'm not gonna watch it,i see a promo or two when it happen and only because i like to feel sick.

  3. Shane and Daryl are my favorite characters on the show.

    I hate how sensitive everyone else is all the time.

    The bit in the bar with Herschel pissed the crap out of me.

    I think Shane is the only guy on show who I feel reacts to situations the way I like to think that I would.

    But I also think that the melodrama makes the show interesting... I'm waiting for Merle to show up again. I hope his still alive.

  4. ur right but you forget that they cut like half of the budget from season 1 no more empty city with the tank no more cdc blowing up....they just have to manage with what they still have :human emotions. But yeah this show could have become legendary.

  5. I agree with what you said. The problem was they got rid of the original writers of the show and replaced them with writers who think viewers are dumb. Alot of the actions in this season are pretty stupid. Why would Lori drive to town by herself? WTF? And then Oh let's put a single zombie on the road so she has a crash, then more pop up, come on. We are not that dumb, nor do we need this stupid scenarios.