February 14, 2012

DVD Releases for February 14th

It's Valentine's Day today! Isn't that great! No? Well then you always have movies to turn to, and this week's flicks are extra romantic.

Let's start off, as always, with the good ones. The Devil's Rock made our 10 Best list for 2011, and for good reason; it's awesome. It's a small, quiet flick about Nazi Necromancy, and you really should grab a copy and check it out. The Dead is another great flick that deserves your attention. A zombie apocalypse flick set in the vast expanse of the African wild... it's one of the best zombie flicks we've seen in a while. The Human Centipede: Full Sequence... is it good? Depends on your taste. Did you like or love the first one? Well, the sequel is pretty different, though it manages to go to far nastier and more disgusting places than its predecessor. We liked it for what it is, but we will most likely not watch it again. If you love debased violence and gore that exists for the sake of shock alone, you'll love it. Elite Squad: The Enemy Within  is a great Brazilian crime thriller that we loved. You should check out the first Elite Squad movie, as both films feel like parts of an epic trilogy... because they are. Finally, Take Shelter is a great mind bender of a movie, and many people think Michael Shannon was robbed of an Oscar nod for his work in the lead role. It's got a Donny Darko vibe to it, only more sinister. If you're in a thinking sort of mood, check it out.

In the middle of the order we the crap shoot. The Mortician was decent and stars Wu-Tang's Method Man, so really, you almost have to check it out. The Wu deserves your love. Twelve (or XII) is a movie directed by Playback's Michael Nickles... we didn't like Playback. Does that mean Twelve will suck? No, but we wont be surprised if it does. Dragon Age: Redemption is a web series... so yeah. We have no idea whether Mr. Purejoy or Killer Nature sucked either, so watch at your own risk.

Now for the one's to avoid. 11-11-11 was a mess of a movie and you should save your hard earned money. Same goes for Nude Nuns With Big Guns; it's cheesy schlock that wont entertain unless you like them cheesy and schlocky.

mpjnn214 dvd
xii 2-14 d2-14

What will you rent, buy, or avoid?

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