May 31, 2017

ICYMI: Our May Reviews!

We reviewed 10 movies in May, including all of the movies in the Alien franchise (I'm still waiting to see Alien: Covenant, so review for that when it happens); Get Out and A Dark Song, both of which were excellent in their own unique ways; The Void, which gave us some solid Lovecraftian entertainment; The Black Room, which was mostly fun and sleazy; and Rupture, which we'd rather just forget about.

*Reviews for Raw, Hounds of Love, and Lake Bodom are on the way, we just ran out of time to get them out in May.

So here are all of the reviews that we did in May, listed in graded order, from “best” to “worst.” If you haven't read through them yet, feel free to do so now, and enjoy!

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ICYMI: The Blu-ray & DVD Releases of May!

There was no shortage of quality Blu-ray & DVD releases in May, chief amongst them Streets of Fire; The Blackcoat's Daughter; Logan; Get Out; Heat; and Brain Damage.

Here's a quick recap of what came out and when in May, just in case you missed any of our weekly Digital Dread Report posts.

*Remember to click the pics below if you want to order anything, as every order helps keep columns like this going. Thank you kindly.

bHuntingNakedRingsviwBarnDevilFearHexMindOcc9bgg2g3HeatMakingObsesspsalenaBodiesClownEvgorsev16bBruce 2BruceDraculaMummyMummybMummyResREstwXXXBreakCabinmysPatient170 x 214170 x 21423vawnufxxGetGreatHackLoganVoodooWolf30BlackBlackenchclCollideevCodeHideHorrorJigsawRupSlaughterBLU FOOT