May 25, 2017

The End Begins Here in the Trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7!

Cersei is on the throne; Dany finally arrives in Westeros, and her dragons are massive; Jon is King in the North, Arya is still looking for revenge, Littlefinger is still a creepy sneak, and we're pretty sure that Gendry is still rowing.

Oh, and the White Walkers are coming, and everyone is screwed. 

The new season of GOT is the series' final season, split into two halves that will air this year and during the Summer/Fall of 2018, and it's only going to be 7 episodes long. That sucks, but we know that things will move at a rapid pace, and that shit will go down.

All we want to see is an ice dragon. Give us that, and we'll be happy.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones premieres July 16th, on HBO.

Get hype.

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