May 4, 2017

The VOD Releases of May!

Raw, The Hounds of Love, A Cure For Wellness, Logan, The Lure, Get Out, Dead Awake, John Wick 2, Berlin Syndrome... there are so many great and promising movies hitting VOD this May that it's almost overkill.

Who are we kidding, bring it on!

We've updated our VOD Release Dates Page to reflect May's VOD releases, as well as some of June's. You can check out a preview below, or visit the full page in the link above.

*Keep in mind that release dates can, and most likely will change.

MAYMay 1May 2alMay 2aMay 2anMay 2 (1)May 2 (3)May 2hMay 2 (4)May 2 (8)May 2 (5)May 2 (6)May 2 (2)May 2May 4May 9bMay 9May 9 VODMay 9gMay 9May 9May 12May 12May 16bMay 16bMay 16May ShudderMay 19May 23May 23May 26cMay 26bMay 26May 26Footer

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  1. Best month in a long time.