June 8, 2018

So What Had Happened Was...

Back in the middle of March, Amazon decided to cancel our Associates Account, claiming that we somehow violated their policy. So basically the small amount of money that the site actually made via our VOD and Blu-ray Release Dates Pages was taken away, with no explanation, and with absolutely no way for us to get it back.

The timing was especially unfortunate due to my real-world responsibilities talking more of my time and energy, and as big of  blow as that was to the site, and me personally, I decided to take a step back from things.

Now, I should have posted something, but I was too mentally frazzled, and busy, to do so. For that, I apologize.

What makes it even worse is that April was set to be our Anniversary Month: That's right, 10 years ago in April (don't ask me the date, it's all been a blur), The Horror Club was born, and it was a big deal for all of us here.

It's all felt like a big punch to the gut.

We're not dead though. I'm not sure what our focus will be going forward, but we're still here.

And from the emails, tweets, DMs, and messages that I've received since we stopped posting, so are you. Because you're a part of our club too. You know that, right?

And that means everything.

See you shortly.

-Jason and crew.

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