The Horror Hotties Archive

Between 2008-2012, we gave the Horror Hottie treatment to dozens of genre actresses; talented, gorgeous, sexy, sassy... these ladies made the dark and bloody films that we love a little easier to bear, just by being in them.

In this Archive, you'll find picture links to Horror Hottie Posts, Horror Hottie of the Month posts, Horror Hotties of the Year round-ups, a few fun Top 10 Lists, and some sexy addendum's to review posts.

And yes, one of the pictures below is of a sheep. You'll understand when you read the post.

20081 Rachel Nichols [3]2 JC [3]3 Neve[3]4 The Girls of Prom Night [3]5 Carla [3]6 The Girls of Black Christmas [3]Linda Blair[3]Linnea Quigley[3]9 SMG [3]10- Carissa Capobianco [3]11 The Girls of Grindhouse [3]12 The Girls of Tru Blood [3]13 Anna [3]170 x 250170 x 2501200912345678.191011131214151617170 x 17022010123654320111234567.2170 x 170170 x 1704.5420121237snowy567891011170 x 170 
56Black 550x28


  1. This part of your website is shit. The rest is pretty nice, but this right here, is shit.

  2. This part of the website is one page, meant to archive a bunch of posts in one place for the purpose of easy navigation for our visitors, we can only make it so pretty...

    But thanks for the feedback, anonymous commenter.