February 29, 2012

Horror Hottie of the Month- February

It was a tough one this month, deciding which mistress of horror has captured our attention the most, but we think we made a good choice.

If you haven't seen the British TV show The Fades, you missed out on some pretty good stuff. It's basically about dead spirits that are stuck in a limbo between this world and the next, and how they're pissed off about it. A group of "Angelics" are the only humans that know the Fades exist, and that they are getting stronger and want to pretty much end all human life.

It's a good mix of horror and comedy, the latter part which centers around two bumbling best friends trying to make sense of not only being teenagers, but with all of the supernatural hi jinks. It goes without saying, of course, that the show has it's share of hot chicks, and this month, we honor them.

First up is Natalie Dormer. This crooked mouthed little minx played a smoking hot Anne Boleyn on The Tudors and is about to become a household name playing Margaery Tyrell in the new season of Game of Thrones. In The Fades, she plays Sarah; A sexy, dead Angelic who is slowly turning into a Fade... part of which she does naked and greased up with some sort of slime all over her. Sexy, sexy slime. This girl is crazy hot and isn't afraid to do cool genre TV shows, so we are big fans.

Next we have Lily Loveless, the chick from Skins series 3 & 4.For you Non-Brits out there, Skins is a teen drama show which shows teenagers smoking, drinking, having sex and acting like dumb teenagers. Lily played a girl who liked girls in Skins, so we of course respected her way before The Fades ever came about. As far as The Fades goes, Lily plays the role of snotty bitch older sister, and aside from her needing to do something with her bangs on the show, she's as hot as she was in Skins. Plus, as evidenced by the above picture, she might be an alcoholic and prone to bad decisions. That's only one more reason to love her, isn't it?

Jenn Murray's come a long way since playing Dorothy Mills, because Dorothy Mills was creepy looking, and she isn't at all. Even though Jenn plays a Fade named Natalie on The Fades, she's way cuter than she was before. She's still pretty creepy though. But cute. We digress.

Finally we have Sophie Wu; the cool girl on the show with the boyish haircut. She's way hotter with longer hair, but we'll take her none the less. As the hot, edgy girlfriend of our geeky, not edgy main character, she gives geeks of the world hope that some hot, edgy hot chick with and edge will want them, despite them being a total mess. That's what makes her special.

In closing, check out The Fades because it's a really good show, and enjoy the chicks, because they always make things a bit better, don't they?


  1. I must admit that I love your blog even more than my own. I think the reason I got into horror in the first place was the hot chicks and it's always great to find someone who thinks the same way.

  2. That chick was sooo damn hot in The Tudors.

  3. Oh yes she was, Erik. I can't wait to see her in Game of Thrones.

    And thanks Dr. Blood.
    Lemme tell you what's funny. That blog you list on your profile, I've wanted to do a top ten list of Horror movie cats forever, and have been saving cat pics from the flicks we watch... and you have a whole blog dedicated to them. That's awesome :)

    And we love horror in and of itself, but the hot chicks are definitely one of the reasons why horror flicks are so great. We must celebrate them!

  4. The Fades was my favourite show from 2011. Actually, I don't remember anything remotely as fun as that, and that includes boring Walking Dead and bloody Spartacus (yay, Crixus!). The Fades was one order of magnitude above anything last year and I am glad we finally see horror eye to horror eye on something.

  5. Well, feel free to swipe any of the screencaps I used on Horror Cats. I've done a few top 10 cat lists myself but there's always room for more.