November 28, 2013

Black Friday- November Releases

Why go out and fight the rude, insensitive crowds for the Movies & TV Shows that you can get for the same price on Amazon?

There were some pretty solid genre releases in November, and may of them would make great gifts for the people that you love (or even moderately like.)

All I'm saying is that finding Breaking Bad and Night of the Comet under our tree would make us happy. *And as bad as Dexter ended up getting in the later seasons, those Blu-ray sets are pretty freaking amazing.

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November 25, 2013

Dredd 3D on Blu-ray is $8 right now... what are you waiting for?
Do you wanna support a great movie and give someone you love (or even moderately like) a great Blu-ray for X-mas? Then this is a really great deal to jump on.

Dredd was one of the best movie watching experiences that we had in 2012, and it still pains us to this day that no one went to see it in Theaters. Check out our Dredd Blu-ray review HERE.

Amazon has this Blu-ray on sale right now for $8, which is a ridiculously good deal. I honestly can't think of a better flick that you can get on Blu-ray right now for such a low price, and especially those of the 3D variety.

Click the the pic at the top or HERE and order one now before Amazon runs out, which they absolutely will.

Need something to watch this Thanksgiving week?

If so, it probably shouldn't be any of these movies, because they have absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving, or the Holiday spirit... unless of course you're twisted like us, then they should do nicely.

Either way, here are 27 more of our older reviews, all polished up and looking prettier than ever.

There's some fun stuff in there, kids. Don't miss out.

Since 2013 marks our 5th year in service to the general Horror-loving public, we felt it would be a good idea to go back and clean up our older reviews; not only have a lot of them lost their proper formatting over the years, but we've changed a lot since the summer of 2008, and a lot of our older work needs some TLC to make us feel a bit more streamlined.

We also really wanted to organize them by decade, so that they're easier for our readers to find and access.

Some of these bad boys are older reviews, and we've changed formats over the years, So you're going to notice smaller pics, colored text, different graphics, etc... We're not going back and changing everything though, just tidying up a bit.


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