November 15, 2013

Jeepers Creepers 3 is coming, and here's why we just can't bring ourselves to care...

Earlier this morning on our Twitter page, I made this comment about the news that Victor Salva is working on a new installment of his Jeepers Creepers series:

"Jeepers Creepers 3 is coming like Victor Salva in a 12-year-old boy's mouth! Yeah, he's an actual pedo-creeper. Fuck his movie."

I was of course referring to the fact that back in 1989, Salva made a movie called Clownhouse, during which he molested his 12-year-old lead actor, and made video tapes of them giving each other oral sex. Salva served 15 months in prison for the underage sex and other Child Pornography charges, and the kid never acted again, as he was pretty much fucked up by the whole thing.

I remember watching Clownhouse when I was a kid, and I remember it scaring the living hell out of me. Many years later, I remembered how creepy it was, and wondered why it wasn't in my DVD collection. A quick Internet search clued me in on the whole Salva/molestation incident, and I was floored.

I eventually found a copy of the movie and watched it again. This time I noticed that the young boys in the movie were either shirtless or in their underwear a lot, and it really skeeved me out. If I'm remembering right (it's been a while) the main kid even had a nude scene where his ass was exposed... I'm pretty sure that happened.

Point is, once I knew the back story that went along with Clownhouse, my view on it, and its director, totally changed.

I'm all for redemption, and people serving out their punishments and moving on with their lives, but that kind of shit isn't like stealing; you don't just say "man, I made a mistake by having a sexual relationship with a pre-teen boy. Filming it was a error in judgement too. Also, the cache of Kiddie Porn I had at home... what was I thinking!"


That's the kind of logic you apply when you get caught stealing something, or punching someone in the face. That's spur of the moment, bad judgement stuff right there. Most people do dumb things and learn from their mistakes. They pay the price for their actions, and then they don't steal or punch someone again. Usually, anyway.

Molesting kids, raping someone... those aren't actions of mistake, or ignorance, or even opportunity; you pretty much have to be wired a certain way to embark on courses of action like that, and I honestly don't believe that you can rehab or move on from shit like that.

If you disagree with that, fine. All I have to say is let a convicted pedophile or rapist watch your kids for a weekend while you go on vacation. If you're willing to do that, then I imagine you're wired in a special way too. Also, you shouldn't be Parents.

Shirtless boys are a big part of Jeepers Creepers 2.
Anyway, Twitter this morning... 

So I made my comment,  and someone commented back to me "What about Roman Polanski?"

For those that don't know, Polanski anally raped a 13-year-old girl back in the 70's, and subsequently fled to Europe to avoid going to jail for it. In hindsight he should have just stayed here, because he would have done a year in jail and all would have been forgiven, especially in Hollywood. Hell, most of Hollywood loves the guy.

It's hard to have much of a discussion about anything on Twitter, so allow me to give a better response to the "What about Polanski?" question.

Salva, Polanski... doesn't matter. Stick your dick in my 12-year-old kid, niece, nephew, et al. and Europe would be the best place for you to go.

Polanksi was in his 40's when he was banging a 15-year-old Nastassja Kinski (feel free to Google her relationship with her dad, for extra creepiness), in his late 50's he married a 23 year old Emmanuelle Seigner... he likes 'em young, folks. Over 18 young, fine. Raise eyebrows all you want, but that's their business.

12-15-year-old young, eyebrows should be raised.

So no, I don't give a shit about Victor Salva and his impending movie. He did some heinous shit, and only stopped because he got caught. Do you really think his sexual predilections have changed? Polanski's didn't.

Yeah, neither have his.
It's all neither here nor there anyhow, because I just can't spend my time or money supporting someone who did something so awful to a kid, even if it was only once. I'm not trying to lead some holy crusade against the guy or anything, I just wanted to throw my comment out there and say my piece.

For the record, I did try to take the objective route a few years back and review Salva's Rosewood Lane, and just couldn't do it. I thought that Jeepers Creepers was pretty much perfect until about the halfway point when it kinda lost its wayand became average. JC2 was kinda lame overall.

I've really tried to be objective, but the older I get, and the more beautiful kids that I have in my life (friends, family), I just can't.

So that's that. You're 50 and you wanna bang a 20-year-old... have at it if they'll let you. Sure, that might still be a bit odd, but at 20, someone can make adult decisions about their sexuality.

Children can't. Period.

In closing, make no mistake about it; good-looking young boys & young girls are Hollywood's biggest marketing commodity. If Salva's flicks find a market, Hollywood will keep making them, personal issues of those involved aside. It's really a systemic thing.

Let's just leave the kids out of it though, you know?

*All of the above could be discussed ad nauseum, so this little snippet of wisdom/ignorance (depending on how you view things) is nothing more than a quick rant.


  1. Interesting and insightful reply to my Tweet comments =) I saw Clownhouse and JC1/2 before I knew about the child rape. When I heard what he did back then, I was shocked and disgusted - but I still can enjoy the hell out of Clownhouse which is a really fantastic movie.

    Same for Polanski. I saw Rosemary's Baby and The Tenant before I knew about the rape case.

    I fully understand how you feel about them both and how you just can't bring yourself to see any of their stuff, but - call me an ignorant idiot - something in me separated the diector from the actual person, and so I still check out both their stuff, regardless what they've done. They're both probably terrible persons (especially Salva) and you're right, they didn't change. At least Salva stayed in the USA, while Polanski flew all over the globe.

    Polanski didn't get as much hate as Salva, simply because people felt sorry for him because what happened to his wife Sharon Tate, and because he always made more sophisticated movies, while Salva is just a 'simple' genre director who never apologized for what he did.

    Both are terrible as persons, but great as filmmakers. Polanski is one of these filmmakers who feels very well in every genre and seems to be unable to make a bad film. Salva isn't exactly a genius, but now and then he creates terrific genre films.

    Is it wrong to continue watching their fims? I don't know. Is it wrong to watch movies starring sex offender Jeffrey Jones? Is it wrong to listen to Gary Glitter's music? Again, I don't know. I chose to ignore which is easy but also questionable. Sue me. Hate me. I can't help it.

  2. Strong post! Agree with every word. Reminds me of the Louis Theroux documentary about the pedofiles...many of them admit there urges didn't change they just had to ignore/channel them. And obviously with Jeepers Creepers 2 he hasn't changed his stripes.

  3. i would say that you brought 10xs attention to him than any review would provide - to ignore it and just not say a word would make more of a statement. i for one think it was one of the scariest movies (both) in a long time - wagner the composer hated jews , yet i can listen to his music and separate that because of the artform.