December 31, 2016

The Middlins of 2016!

Before we get into the Best & Worst Movies of 2016, we have to take a minute to make mention of the year's Middlins. What is a Middlin, you ask? Well the term is taken from the idiom "Fair to Middling," which for our purposes, can mean a few different things:

  • Above average, but didn't make our "Best of 2016" list.
  • Good, but had issues.
  • Average.
  • Not that great, but had some redeeming qualities.

Basically, these are the movies of 2016 that were "Not good enough to be one of The Best, but not bad enough to be one of The Worst." It's all subjective, of course, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

All of these movies are worth a watch, at the very least.

*For more info on these movies, be sure to click through to the reviews.

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The Horror Hotties of 2016!

There never seems to be a shortage of gorgeous women in the Movies & TV Shows that we love, and for that, we are truly thankful.

Any woman that stars in a Horror flick goes through hell, and that's just a fact. They get murdered, raped, stalked, possessed, and terrorized. They get beat, cut, stabbed, decapitated, disemboweled, hung, burned, and broken. They get covered in blood, vomit, and plenty of other unsavory substances.

And though it all, THEY LOOK GOOD DOING IT

The bottom line is that while we may tend to talk about their boobs and butts an awful lot, we truly realize that Horror movies simply couldn't exist without the talented and dedicated ladies that star in them. They make the dark and bloody fictional worlds that we love a bit more easy to endure, with their beauty and talent alike, and plus they usually run around in skimpy outfits (or nothing at all), which is pretty nice too.

So let us take a look at the Horror Hotties of 2016 that had the biggest impact on us. We've listed them A-Z so as to avoid any sort of ranking controversy... because feminism, or something.

*Be sure to check out all of 2016's Horror Hotties HERE

*The phrase "Don't judge us" should just be implied for every comment that we're about to make in this post, because we really don't want to have to type it twelve different times.
Starred In: Arrival and Nocturnal Animals.

Not only is she hot as hell, but she's an amazing actress who starred in two excellent genre movies in 2016, so here she is on our sexy list. She's done more than a couple of lesbian kisses on film too (Laura German, Sarah Thompson, Jennifer Lawrence), so she's obviously the total package.
Starred in: Viral and Sadie.

This girl blew us away in Viral (which was way better than we expected it to be), and I just cant stop looking at her face... even thought the above picture is focused on her ass. Honestly though, her face is mesmerizing. She's like a way-hotter Aubrey Plaza.
Starred in: The Shallows.

Blake Lively looked ridiculously good in a bikini in The Shallows, and she spent the whole movie wet, so really, it was instant love for us.
Starred in: The Neon Demon.

Elle Fanning was only 16-years-old when The Neon Demon was shot, which makes her role, and the movie, all the more controversial. She's gone from adorable kid star to sultry woman overnight, and it kinda freaks us out... but she's to pretty not to acknowledge here. She's 18 now, so it's perfectly fine.
Starred in: The Girl on the Train.

This girl is as hot as sin, and she's naughty. We hope. I mean, you know where that sucker's about to go, so she has to be naughty, right? Tell me it doesn't look like she's looking into the camera and thinking "You want me to suck it?" in that pic above? Anyhow, great actress.
Starred in: Don't Breathe.

One of the hottest redheads ever, we've had a serious crush on Jane Levy since she rocked the Horror world in the Evil Dead remake a few years back... or maybe it was her being dressed up as a kitten and being felt up in Fun Size that did it. Either way, love is love.
Starred in: Road Games.

Good lord just look at her.
Starred in: Tell Me How I Die and Recovery.

There's something adorable about Kirby Bliss that we just love to death. Sure, we wish that she'd get naked on film and do a lengthy lesbian scene or two, but she just seems so damn sweet that it doesn't even bother us that she probably won't. Just kidding, she needs to do it.
Starred in: The Monster.

Her role in The Monster was anything but sexy, but Zoe Kazan is as cute as a button, and the way that she's biting her lip in that picture above makes us think that she just might be a bit sassy too.
Starred in: Emelie.

We've really dug this girl since The Moth Diaries, and who knew she had half-naked pics out there?

There were plenty of other lovely ladies that entertained & ensorcelled us in 2016, and we have to highlight at least a few more of them here. They definitely deserve some love.

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