December 18, 2016

What's New on VOD This Week? (12/13-12/16)

A few good ones, a few with potential, and a few clunkers, this week's batch of VOD releases is an uneven one at best.

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 Here are this week's VOD releases, ranked in order from most to least anticipated.

  1. Solace is a solid Thriller that premiered at TIFF back in September of 2015, and is finally just seeing release now. Originally intended to be the sequel to Se7en, it features Anthony Hopkins and Jeffrey Dean Morgan chasing after a serial killer with psychic powers, who just so happens to be Colin Farrell. It's definitely one to watch.
  2. City of Dead Men looks interesting to us, even if critics have been calling it a confused mess. 
  3. We haven't seen a Brazilian Horror effort since the last time that Coffin Joe graced our TV set, but if The Devil Lives Here can come anywhere close to that level of craziness, we'll be happy.
  4. I Am Not a Serial Killer is streaming for free on Netflix now, but if you don't subscribe to the streaming giant, then giving it a rent is a good idea, as it's a good movie, although flawed.
  5. When the Bough Breaks looks alright, but it's one that we'll probably catch when it hits HBO.
  6. Time travel movies are not a favorite of mine, but Counter Clockwise looks like it might be a good one. It at least offers a neat twist on an old trope.
  7. The word on Freshwater is that it's really, really bad, even if it does star the awesome Zoe Bell. Skipping this one.
  8. The Ouija Possession looks pretty bad, and not in a fun way. No thanks.
  9. Happy streaming!

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  1. Have you guys checked out Youtube reds 12 Deadly Days?