December 4, 2016

Updated: The Best Blu-ray Releases of 2016... So Far.
With so many movies being released to Blu-ray & DVD every week, it's not always easy keeping track of them all, let alone figuring out which ones are actually worth buying. There's nothing worse than a blind buy that goes bad, and trust us, we've had plenty of those.

With that in mind, we decided to set up a permanent post featuring the best Blu-ray releases on the year (so far), to make it easier for people to know which movies they should be checking out. Of course what's "worth" buying is a subjective thing, so we're going to keep our list as short and sweet as possible:

  • Some are great movies.
  • Some are fantastic discs.
  • Some are just great deals. 

The bottom line is that depending on your taste, these Movies and TV Shows may be worth owning to you. We'll keep this list updated to reflect current releases only; if you want to keep up on future releases, just pop on over to our Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates List where you'll find info on upcoming titles for the next few months. Between the two lists, at least you'll know what's out there, and you can make a better informed decision on what to buy.

*Added for December: 31, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Black Christmas, Creepshow 2, Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box, Phantasm, and Suicide Squad. *Click the pics below to order yourself a movie or two, and enjoy!

2[7]10[4]31[3]American[4]Ash[3]Banshee[3]Banshee[3]Baskin[3]bvs[3]Black[5][1]Black[3]Blood[4]Boy[4]Bride[3]BubbaBuck[4]Burbs[3]Carrie[3]Civil war[3]Child[3]Cherry[1]Conjuring[3]Creepshow[3]Crimson[6]Crush[3]Deadpool[3]DeadDeathDeathDolemite[3]DontExorcist[3]Fargo[2]Fear[4]Freaks1[1]Game-of-Thrones[1]GameGreen[3]GuardianHannibal[3]Hell[3]HenryHills[3]InvitationInvasion[3]Invitation[3]Iron[3]It[3]Jeepers[3]Jeepers2[3]Just[3]Killer[3]Killer[8]Krampus[3]Lab[3]LadyLizard[3]Manhunter[3]MartianMidnight[4]Mutilator[3]Neighbor[4]Night[3]Pan's[3]Penny[3]Phan[3]PhenomenaPieces[3]Preacher[3]Return[4]Road[3]Salem's[2]Scouts Guide to the Zombie ApocalypseSession[3]Serpent[1]Shallows[4]Star Wars[3]Stuff[3]Suicide[7]Texas[3]Tenebre[3]Tenebrae[3]Thing[3]Walking[3]Wave[3]Witch[3]Your[3]

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