October 5, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- Katheryn Winnick

Tall, leggy blondes aren't usually our thing (we usually tend to like 'em short and brunette), but there's just no way that we can leave Katheryn Winnick's sexy ass off of our Millennium Hotties list.

Alright, so not only is this chick smoking hot, but she's been a Black Belt in some sort of Canadian Karate since she was 13, and she also managed to start 3 Martial Arts Schools by the time she was 21... So, this hot, feminine little thing could not only kick your ass, but she opened multiple Karate Schools to train other people to kick your ass too.

All of this serves only to make her immeasurably hotter. And as it turns out, really dangerous.

No wonder she makes a convincingly kick-ass Viking in the History Channel TV show, Vikings.
That bit of news also serves to make us think she's a better Actress than we originally thought she was. In Amusement, she plays an ordinary chick who is terrorized by a killer clown and some other crazy dude, and she never even so much as karate chopped either of them! Now that's method acting.

For the record, the "clown" segment in Amusement was genuinely creepy, and if you haven't seen the movie yet, seek it out and give it a go.

That clown is about to get Karate'd right in the neck!
Choose wasn't the greatest movie, but Katheryn was pretty great in it, especially in her pivotal "shower scene." The raw emotion that she put forth while soaping herself up real nice was a thing of true beauty.

Our favorite Katheryn Winnick Horror offering though has to be Satan's Little Helper; what a silly, goofy, amusing, and overall fun little flick that one is. It's a Guilty Pleasure sort of a flick that showcases Winnick's hotness, and her willingness to let anyone feel her up and get freaky with her, even Satan!

"Oh hey Satan.. wait, what are you..."
"Fine, just don't tell God!"
She can be funny, she can play scared with the best of them, and she can even kick some Viking ass, thanks to her Karate training... The moral of this story is that no matter what Katheryn Winnick is doing, you know that she's going to do it while looking, really, really good. Really.

It's nice to see that her career is on the rise, because this Horror Hottie deserves it.

It's an empty jar, Katheryn, ok? Can we move on now?
Damsel in distress or Viking, we'll take Katheryn Winnick any way that we can get her. Amusement and Satan's Little Helper are two flicks of hers that you should check out this Halloween Season, as both of them are entertaining in different ways.

Now enough words...

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