October 1, 2013

The 31 Days of Horror are here!

Come every October, we do our 31 Days of Horror countdown... which of course every idiot on the Interwebs does (in some form or another), so really, it's nothing very groundbreaking.

Still, we do it because it's our month. It's our Holiday Season, you know? As Horror fans, there's no better time of year. As movie critics, it's a perfect time of year to point other Horror fans towards some cool and interesting flicks/talent that they may not be aware of.

We've done a Best of the Decades list, a Hidden Gem/Train Wreck list, a 100 movies in 31 Days marathon, 31 Days of Killer Kids (our personal fave)... We've always tried to at least mix things up and keep it interesting, instead of just talking about the same Horror flicks that seem to pop up on so many other lists, or covering totally obscure things.

We just love Horror. Obviously, so do you.

This year we've decided (after much self-debate) to do a list of 31 Horror Hotties of the new Millennium, that have made the genre better for their talents. 31 Actresses, or groups of Actresses, who have made the Horror films that we love better with their abilities, looks, dedication... and boobs. Those count a lot.

Now we're not doing this because we're sexist pigs (although there certainly is room to argue that point.) In fact, the idea was strongly pushed by our Senior female member, so no one can judge us because it was a girls idea!

Sexiness is a large part of the Horror Genre (and all movies in general), and these girls not only work hard, but they have to look good while breaking their asses on set. I mean let's face it, the movie industry uses sex to sell product, we're just the suckers who eat it up like the primates that we are.

Just remember; it's not sexist. It's sexy.

We'll cover some familiar faces, as well as some that are lesser known, all of whom kick ass and bring a variety of qualities to the roles that they take on... all of which is for the benefit of we, the Horror Fan.

Until then take a look back at our 31 Days of years past, because it's October, guys! *Keep in mind that we're still reformatting 2011's "31 Days" which is the creepy kids, because Blogger hates our HTML. So forgive us if some of the posts seem scrunched.


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