October 4, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- Cortney Palm

She played a naked corpse in Seance (if I'm remembering right), she was a naked whore who got chucked into a woodchipper by Santa in Silent Night, and she played a naked buffet table in Sushi Girl... and to us, all three of those roles are pretty special, and showed off the diverse range of her talents...

Her wonderful, genetically perfect, "wipe your mouth and stop staring, you pervy loser!" talents.

We had to cut this picture off so as not to reveal her talents, because we do things the classy way around here.
Sushi Girl is by far her best role/movie thus far in her career, but on a guilty pleasure level, we think Silent Night is kinda our fave. I mean the girl is doing a Porn shoot half naked when Santa kicks in the door and starts killing everyone in the room. What does she do? Well, she jumps out of a second story window, half naked, because she's no easy meat! Of course she ends up getting thrown into a woodchipper, but hey, she gave the whole escape thing a good effort.

Jesus Christ will someone please fill pouty-puss's glass already!
She's been an uncredited extra in movies like Superbad and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which may not seem like a big thing, but hey, were you an extra in those movies? No? Well shut up then!

My point is, that as nice as it is to see Cortney Palm naked, she's not just some hooker that people hire to get naked. Sure, she didn't have a very deep role in Silent Night, but if you've seen Sushi Girl, you know that she can act. If you haven't seen it, then you should. It's a good flick that surprised us on a few levels, and keeping to the point of this whole post, it showed Cortney Palm to be more than just a pretty face... and ass... and... damn it, it's really hard to take the high road sometimes!

That's an odd looking cat, but Cortney seems to love him.
So Cortney Palm may be someone you aren't all that familiar with yet, but with the way her career seems to be going, you will be soon enough. Even though she's a vegan (we really like ham), we can't help but love this girl, and not just because she's ridiculously hot.

Alright, being ridiculously hot is a pretty big part of it, but knowing that she actually has talent helps a lot.

Good for you, girl. Good for you.
All I'm saying is Psylocke. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go Google that name and hit images. She could totally pull that role off.

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