October 23, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- Deborah Ann Woll

Most of us here at THC gave up on True Blood about 2 seasons ago, mainly because it just got too painful to sit through anymore. The show started off being fresh and promising, and deteriorated into a ridiculous and cheesy mess that left us wondering how it all went wrong. We aren't really fans of girly Soap Operas, yo see, so the adventures of "who is Sookie going to bang this week" just lost us.

The worst part of True Blood becoming so shitty, is that we don't get to see Lafayette, Pam, Eric, and Jessica in action on a regular basis anymore; all of them were great characters, and had they just gotten rid of Sookie & Tara, and did away with all of the horribly cheesy romance plots, the four of them could have run that show like Bosses.

One thing that True Blood has never gotten wrong, is keeping Bon Temps stocked with hot, slutty chicks for fans to ogle. There have been a bunch of Hotties on the show throughout its run, but none have been as hot as Doborah Ann Woll.

Not even Sookie herself is hotter than Baby Vamp Jessica.
Talk about a song of ice and fire, just get a load of those blue eyes in the midst of that fiery red hair. Jessica was/is the hottest female character on True Blood, and that's due in no small part to the fact that she'll forever be a 17-year-old virgin; now before you yell "Creeper!" at me for saying such a thing, keep in mind that I didn't write the show, and those who did knew exactly what they were doing when they made Jessica into eternal Jailbait. They knew! *Then again, I think that 17 is legal in the south, so, there's really no controversy south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Anywho, not only was the character of Jessica a piece of sexy forbidden fruit, but Deborah Ann Woll was the perfect choice to play her. This hot ginger is the kind of girl we want to hug, because she seems so sweet, and smack her ass while we're hugging her and say "you dirty little bitch, we lub you!" We're very dualistic with our affection. Also, passive-aggressive.

Emmy worthy.
Not only is she the hottest eternally-virgin 17-year-old Vampire of ever in True Blood, but she was dirty-hot in Mother's Day too. She played the daughter of a creepy family that takes a bunch of people hostage and kills them, all because mommy is insane. Add to that her role in the Crime Thriller, Catch .44, and I'm beginning to think that the girl has a genuine mean streak in her. *For the record, I'm totally fine with that.

I really think she just likes to hurt people in general.
She's quickly becoming the discerning Horror fan's go-to ginger, and she just needs to get a little dirtier in her future roles and she'll become an all-time classic, in no time at all; maybe smoke, drink, and misbehave a little more; have some extra-naked sex; kiss other girls more frequently and make it believable... It's always the little things that matter in the biggest of ways, especially when it comes to the Horror genre.

We hate to see her going, but we love to watch her leave.
Deborah Ann Woll just has to find her way into a solid project or two after True Blood ends its run next year. She's way too talented and easy on the eyes to keep doing Direct-to-DVD flicks forever... so get with it, Casting Directors

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  1. The hottest thing on TRUE BLOOD. She's incredible.