October 17, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- The Girls of Resident Evil (2002-2012)

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The Resident Evil series exists to showcase Milla Jovovich kicking the ass of Zombie hordes, period. As movies, they're mostly kinda silly and there's basically no plot to them, but that's all by design; they've always played like Video Game levels to me, where you get some info at the start, work your way through a bunch of enemies, face the boss, and then prepare for the next level. 

As action flicks, they're aces; it's all overly-choreographed violence and Zombie/Monster killing. Like I said though, they're all about Milla and her ass.. and ass kicking.

If I were her husband, I'd make 6 sexy action flicks starring her too. (Yes, RE 6 is coming.)
In the first RE movie, Milla had Michelle Rodriguez to help with the ass kicking, and lucky for us that she was equally as hot. In RE: Apocalypse, Sienna Guillory joined the fray, and made for a smoking hot Jill Valentine.

I would like to fight her final boss.
In RE: Extinction, the 2nd hottest chick of the series finally appeared. Ali Larter may not have been sporting a whipped-cream bikini in this one, but she still made Zombie slaughter way sexier. R&B Singer Ashanti showed up too, doing her thing, and of course there was Milla.

Sorry Spencer Locke, you were like 15 back then, so you do not count!
RE: Afterlife and RE: Retribution pretty much recycled the Hotties from the previous RE flicks, and especially Retribution, where just about everyone from the series showed up. Kacey Barnfield and Li Bingbing were welcome additions to the Hottie pool though.

There have been a bunch of Hotties that have kicked some Zombie ass throughout the Resident Evil series, and though Milla might be the leader amongst them, they all deserve some Fanboy love.

It always comes back to Milla. Always.
Fun flicks and hot chicks... what more could we really ask for? 

I've been tempted to buy the Resident Evil Box Set on Blu-ray for a while now, but knowing that a sixth (and final) movie is coming, I think I'll wait to get them all in one package. Now that's patience.


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