October 19, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- Sara Paxton

Sure, Sara Paxton may have started out in more family friendly TV Shows (Darcy's Wild Life, Summerland) and Movies (Sleepover, Aquamarine), but once she went and got herself raped in 2009's Last House on the Left, she's been becoming a genre staple ever since.

Hottest mother/daughter duo ever?
The Last House on The Left remake was pretty damned good as far as remakes go, and that's because the movie had a strong cast from top to bottom. Sara Paxton landed the role of Mari (who was raped and left for dead by Krug and his merry band of creeps) because she looked innocent and wholesome, and the director figured that would make what she went though more terrifying for the audience. He was right of course, because to see poor little Sara Paxton terrorized like that on screen was painful indeed.

"Yo, Mr. White, I brought us some bitches to rape, bitch."
After Last House, Sara moved on to Ti West's The Innkeepers. The Innkeepers was a very different movie than was LHOTL, in that it was a very quiet, moody, almost lighthearted Haunted House story. The shift in moods worked for us, because when we got to see Sara Paxton in her undies in this one, we weren't all skeeved out waiting for some crazy rape to happen.

The Innkeepers was great and Sara was great in it, even though she had a boy haircut. Luckily she's got one of those faces that can pull off a really short haircut.

Aww, she's ghostbustin'
We originally dubbed Shark Night 3D "Shit Night 3D" because it was a pretty shitty movie. Its only saving grace that it featured a bunch of hot chicks running around all wet and terrified in their bathing suits. Sara Paxton, above all, looked really good all half-naked and afraid.

Shame that it was a PG-13 affair though, because some nudity would have made it a way better movie than it was. Kinda.

No you can't come out of your cage!
Since Shark Night 3D, Sara has gone on to star in a bunch of Horror-esque flicks such as Enter Nowhere, Liars All, and Static. We're really excited to see her in Cheap Thrills when it finally sees a release date, as it worked up some really positive buzz on the Festival Circuit earlier this year.

We love this girl because she's not afraid to step out of the Romantic Comedy comfort zone that she looks like she'd be very comfortable in. As long as she keeps taking on interesting roles and varies her projects, she''ll be around for a long time, in genre and out.

She even looks good without makeup.
Beautiful face, smoking hot body, and a butt-chin that won't quit, Sara Paxton is definitely a Scream Queen in the making.

I don't think that you can truly be a Scream Queen unless you get naked though, so Sara really has to get on that one of these days here.


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  1. If you love Paxty, check her out in her new comedy, THE BOUNCEBACK:

    INDIEWIRE: "You'd be hard pressed to find a more balls-to-the-wall comedic performance at SXSW this year than Sara Paxton's scene-stealing turn in the breakup/makeup romantic comedy, The Bounceback."