October 2, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- The Girls of Wrong Turn (2003-2012)

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They’ve misbehaved, they've asked for it, and they died painfully for their transgressions; they are the girls of the Wrong Turn series!

When Wrong Turn came along back in 2003, we were dazzled by it's inbred Hillbilly antics, its Torture Porn gore, and of course by the hotness of Eliza Dushku; she was Faith from Buffy/Angel, and we were finally going to get to see her in a bloody Horror flick. We figured that maybe she'd even get naked.

Well, she didn't get naked, but she did end up looking really good in a tank top.

The movie ended up being pretty good too, and boasted two other true Hotties in Emmanuelle Chriqui and Lindy Booth.

All three of these gorgeous ladies went on to have pretty good careers, even though only Lindy Booth ever really showed up in Horror movies after that.

"No boobs for you, loser lol"
Wrong Turn ended up being popular enough to spawn itself 4 sequels between 2007-2012, and they were a mixed bag. If I'm remembering right, we really ended up liking part 4, and found the others to be alright for what they were. Good or bad, the series always had two big selling points; lots of gory kills and all sorts of hot chicks, many of whom were willing to get naked and act a little slutty... for their art. They did that for the sake of their art.

Four hot chicks with knives is a sight that is as sexy as it is terrifying.
This series is what it is. You either like seeing groups of dumb people dispatched in "clever" and overtly graphic ways by a family of inbred mountain mongoloids, or you don't. At the same time, you either like seeing a gaggle of hot chicks misbehave, get naked, sometimes kiss each other, have sex with random guys and then die,or you don't.

Either way, the Wrong Turn flciks have at the very least given us an ample amount eye candy to savor.

It looks like they lost their hea... no. I'm not even going there. Too easy.
There are way too many Hotties that starred in the 5 Wrong Turn movies to showcase them all here, so our apologies to those that got left out... it doesn't make you any less hot, ladies.

From Wrong Turn:

From Wrong Turn 2: Dead End:

From Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead:

From Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings:

From Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines:

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  1. Lots and lott of hotness. My #1 will always be Eliza Dushku, though. In terms of cuteness, it's Lindy Booth who takes the prize.
    I guess you can tell I still prefer the first film, right? And that's not just in regard to the female on screen talent. :-)