October 7, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- Katee Sackhoff

Where do we start with Katee Sackhoff? Well, she was Starbuck in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica TV Series on Syfy, that's as good a place as any. That's pretty much where her career was born in earnest, mainly because hot and rebellious is always a good combo in a woman.

We're not usually big on Sci-Fi TV Shows, but BSG was pretty great, and it featured some good action and a bunch of hot Cylon chicks, and of course Katee playing Starbuck, who was kinda like the bad girl of space. *Special shout out to Edward James Olmos, who was brilliant in BSG as Admiral Adama.

Born to frak.
Before BSG though, Katee had a role in Halloween: Resurrection, which we totally forgot about until now. She was also in White Noise 2, which we never saw, because we hated the first White Noise, so why would we sit through a more-likely-than-not shitty direct to video sequel? I'm gonna guess that Katee was at least interesting in it, even if the movie did suck, because she's good like that.

Run Katee, William Shatner is on the stairs behind you!
The first Horror flick  that we consciously remember seeing her in was this year's The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia. The movie was surprisingly good (better than the first one), and Katee was just as good in it, playing the free-spirited (slutty) sister of the main character. That scene with the wire things coming out of her mouth still gives us the creeps when we think about it...

The coolest thing ever regarding Katee Sackhoff's career came when we found out that she was going to be in the new Riddick movie. We're big fans of all things Riddick around here, and adding Katee to the mix as an ass-kicking Lesbian Space Bounty Hunter was just a stroke of genius on Vin Diesel's part. She shows her boobs in this one, folks; it might have only lasted for five seconds, but we'll take it.

Oh, we will be utilizing the slo-mo/pause features on the Riddick Blu-ray when it comes out, don't you worry.
She's hot, she's tough, she's witty, she has talent, she's a Goddess to geeks everywhere, and that's why we love her. She isn't afraid to take on cool genre projects in between her successful TV Show endeavors, because she has no fear and she knows we want to see her boobs and butt in action!

She's no prude, folks, she's a bro... but like a hot and feminine bro... alright, so she's like a sis. You know what I'm saying. The girl rocks.

Jesus Christ almighty in Heaven!
All I'm saying is I need that Acting Outlaws Calendar in my life, because Katee Sackhoff plus Tricia Helfer getting all scantily clad in print (for charity) is a no-brainer for us. For the record, it's not an easy feat to look hot while standing next to Tricia Helfer, because she's a fucking phenomenal specimen of human beauty, and yet Katee holds her own. God bless them both.

Check out Halloween: Resurrection and The Haunting in Connecticut 2 this Halloween Season to witness her in all of her Horror glory.

P.S. Longmire is the shit.

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