October 9, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- The Girls of American Horror Story

American Horror Story returns tonight, so we figured what a perfect time to celebrate the rampant hotness that pervades this creepy show on a week to week basis.
It took us a while to get into this show, but once the last half of Season 1 (Murder House) kicked into high gear, we were hooked. Season 2 (Asylum) took things to a new level of insanity, and we're really looking forward to see what they do with the Witch plot line in this season, aptly called Coven.

We can't possibly cover every chick who has graced this series with their presence, because there are just far too many. What we can and will do is offer up our 10 hottest girls of AHS (in no particular order), and give a little love to some others at the end.

The AHS cast, past and present, is filled with all types of talent from Oscar Winners to newbies, and their roles range from starring to cameo, but all of them were/are important to the AHS world.

So lets celebrate them for a minute, shall we?

Alexandra Breckinridge played the equally creepy and sexy maid in Season 1, and we're kinda sad that she's no longer on AHS. Good Lord do we miss her.
Connie Britton has since moved on to Nashville, but we'll always have her Milfy hotness from Season 1 to love.
Taissa Farmiga, was in season 1, skipped Season 2, and is back for Season 3, so we're happy. This girl is becoming a star just like her big sis Vera.
Lily Rabe made Season 2 deliciously twisted, and she's back for Season 3. She's played different characters in all three Seasons of AHS.
Chloe Sevigny is one of our all-time faves, and though her stint in AHS Season 2 was a short one, it was a great one.
Kate Mara (sister of Rooney) was awesome as the spurned ex in Season 1, and it's a shame that she her stay on AHS was so short. She's great in House of Cards though, so we get it. Still, we miss her.
Alessandra Torresani only did a quick 2 episode stint in Season 1, but we'll take it. Just look at her!
Franka Potente played Anne Frank (?!?) in just 2 episodes of Season 2, and she wasn't all that sexy in her role, but we love her all the same.
Channing Tatum's wife, Jenna Dewan, got herself skinned in Season 2, and she looked great all the while.
Finally we have Emma Roberts, who will be an AHS regular this season in Coven, and we're totally down for seeing her get all witchy.
So there you have who we consider to be the hottest of the hot from American Horror Story. If you haven't ever checked the show out, give it a shot; it's a truly odd, twisted, and often times insane experience. There's really nothing else on TV quite like it.

Check out some other worthy AHS Hotties below, and don't forget that American Horror Story: Coven starts tonight at 10 on FX!

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