October 10, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- Katharine Isabelle

The ironic thing about Katharine Isabelle being one of the most important Horror Hotties of the new millennium is that she really isn't the biggest fan of the Horror genre; oh, she'll star in every Horror movie that comes along, but to sit and watch them is out of the question... because they scare her too much! *Her words, not mine.

As distressing as that is to us, it really just serves to make her even cuter in our eyes.

It's only Scream 3, Katharine. Relax already.
She was only 17-years-old when she starred in Ginger Snaps, which ended up being an iconic role for her. The film (and its sequels) put her on Horror fans' radars, and she became a genre darling whether she wanted to be one or not.

Lucky for we fans that she has the face of a Canadian Angel (those perfect cheekbones & lips), and the boobs of... well, I guess a Canadian Angel too. We say lucky because an ugly Werewolf would not have garnered a cult following, and the world would have missed out on witnessing her amazing talents. Thanks for that, Ginger Snaps.

She likes guns, too.
She's stayed busy (both in and out of the genre), starring in about 190 movies and TV shows over the span of like 5 years, because who doesn't want to get paid for playing make-believe? Horror-wise, she starred opposite Snoop Dog in Bones (who terrified the hood for shizzle as a ghost-pimp) and appeared in a TV remake of the Brian De Palma classic, Carrie.

In 2003 came the biggest role of her Horror life though, when she starred in Freddy vs. Jason; mainly because her shower scene in that one was a thing of legend... right up until we learned that Katharine used a body double for the soapy scene. That was a total cop out and a prudish move, but you know, dignity and stuff I guess.

Worst Doctor ever.
In 2013 Katharine Isabelle gave us what might be the performance of her career with American Mary. It's almost like she was born to play the twisted role of Medical Student gone wonky, and if the Horror Genre had its own Oscar Award for acting, she'd catch a nomination for her work in this modern day classic.

If you want to see Katharine Isabelle at her sexy and creepy best, then give American Mary or the Ginger Snaps series a spin this month. We'd say check out Freddy vs. Jason too, just because she's naked in it, but that whole scene was apparently a sham!

Still a fun flick though.


  1. I just finished watching "American Mary". Yes, this absolutely is a winner! And she looked very hot indeed. Thank you very much for the recommendation.