October 6, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- Amber Marie Bollinger

She's been Amber Bollinger, Marie Bollinger, Amber Marie Bolligner; she changes her name as often as she does her hairstyle/color, but that's what makes her interesting, you know?

We first became aware of this girl's presence in the 2010 backwoods survival flick Pelt, and she had us at "Do you like a little moonshizzle, dog-fucker?" Sure it's an awful line, but coming from her we believed it. Further more, she made us care.

I will take a glass of that moonshizzle, please and thank you.
She also had a small role in Sutures, which was a pretty decent little flick, and her upcoming flick, Huff, which I think changed titles to Big Bad Wolf, looks promising. Point is that she's keeping busy and she's still embracing the Horror genre.

We're here talking about her because she's hot though, not because she has talent and stuff, so allow us to offer you two pieces of video evidence which will attest to the subtle sexiness of AMB... and don't make me do a hand check, kids.

There's so much sexiness happening in that "No Such Thing as Love" video, that we lose focus and black out about halfway through... and I'm pretty sure AMB is kissing her own leg at one point, I don't even know. That entire video is better than Softcore Porn, and maybe even the hard stuff.

As for the Korn video, I'd watch a 90 minute movie based off of that... there would have to be girl kissing and alien boob exams and stuff though, because diversity is the key! Don't judge.

Skeeter just got moonshizzle all over his pants.
Just look at her face. Just look at it for a minute... Eyes, pretty. Nose, cute. Lips, full and wet (?), she even has a cleft in the chin. She's got that perfect kind of face that makes her able to rock the short haircut, and that's not easy to pull off for a lot of women. Still though there's something else on that face that is better than everything else... she has a cleft in her lip!

We'd run backwards with a greased ass through a field of dicks for one kiss from those lips, and not even a dirty one. A friendly peck would do. Lip cleft, okay? Lip cleft.

Bottom line is that Amber Marie Bollinger is sexy, sassy, multi-talented, and she keeps it real... real sexy, that is. Ha. Man, we're clever.

BTW, Amber, we're still waiting on Huff!
So check out Sutures and Pelt, or watch those music videos on a loop for a few hours, and celebrate the beauty of Amber Marie Bollinger, won't you? Just don't be pervs about it, alright?

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  1. You may already be aware of this but there is a site for Huff/Big Bad Wolf:


    There is a screener button advertised on the upper right. Maybe this blog could offer to review the movie and get a free viewing in exchange? Just a thought. Cheers!