October 30, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- Danielle Harris

Cute, willing to get naked, sassy, cute, and willing to get naked, Danielle Harris is one of today's truly prolific Horror Hotties. She's the petite, spunky little girl next door that you just can't help but love. You know the one; she borrows smokes from you all the time, makes out with her girlfriends, sleeps with guys who run Horror Blogs... plus, she stars in all kinds of Horror flicks... and is willing to get naked.

So how did it all begin for Danielle Harris?

Well, I'm afraid that it began rather traumatically for her...
We first met her when she played Michael Myer's mentally challenged niece in Halloween 4 & 5. As adorable of a kid as she was, she turned out to be equally as creepy. Determined not to be typecast (at the age of what, 10? lol), she hurriedly left the Horror scene, not to return for over a decade. In all fairness, doing two Halloween flicks could have warped her fragile little mind, so that may have played a part in her decision too.

Why would a little girl not want to do this anymore?
When she found herself starring along side Steven Seagal in one of his shitty movies, she vowed to get herself some better roles. Danielle isn't one to be kept down, and it wasn't long before she was starring in such gems as Don't Touch my Daughter, TV's Growing Pains, and Free Willy... alright, those roles weren't much better...

... but they paid one hell of an allowance!
A bunch of Roseanne's and The Last Boy Scout 's later, she found herself starring in another Horror movie! She played a goth girl in Urban Legend, and one that had the Internets... not everyone had the Internets back in the 90's, you know. She was so avant-garde.

Then guess what happened? She took another 10 year break from Horror movies. *9 years, actually, but close enough.

Remember when everyone had one of those big computing machines?
This time, she returned to the genre with a bang! A naked, naked bang. She starred as Annie in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, and pretty much rocked it. The whole time she was running from, fighting off, or getting stabbed by Michael Myers, she was naked. What a brave performance.

The floodgates opened for Danielle Harris and her Horror movie career after that, which was something that she had been resisting for more than two decades. Since 2007, she's starred in more that 20 Horror movie and TV projects, and she even directed her first movie, which is of course, a Horror flick.

She started in the genre when she was just a kid, made a solid little career for herself doing mainstream work, and finally said "screw it" and came home to roost. Now, she's a Horror force that can not be stopped! She also grew up hot, which is a big bonus for us.

Now, she kills shit like it ain't no thang.
She's a sexy little powder-keg of Horror Royalty, and she's carrying the torch for us all.... the torch of nakedness and Horror. For that, we must salute her.

Her flicks will be part of many Horror fans movie watching experiences this Halloween and rightly so.

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  1. You know we love her... I cant be mad at her for the Shiver's, the Hallows Eve's or even the Left For Dead's of the world... because for every one of those, she kills it twice as much with the Jaime Lloyd's, the Annie Brackett's and the Mary Beth Dunston's of the world... and for that, we love her... And from what Ive heard, she's gonna grace us with her presence in See No Evil 2 next year and then give us some more Among Friends type pleasures... Keep it up Dany... Keep it up... \m/