October 20, 2013

31 Days of Millennium Hotties- The Girls of Saw (2004-2010)

We really loved Saw when it came out back in 2004, which I why it made us sad that with every new entry into the series, we lost a little bit more interest. Somewhere around Saw IV, the movies became nothing more than complicated gore gags (which were still cool) and way, way overcomplicated and sometimes silly plot twists (that were not.)

At one point we were waiting for Jigsaw's 3rd Cousin to show up and reveal that he had been behind the whole thing since the beginning... of course via a quick-cut, revelatory montage, followed by a "game over!" cut to black.

Aside from the convoluted twists and reveals, the Saw series did give us some pretty gruesome and fun kill scenes via Jigsaw's traps, many of which were sprung on a bunch of unsuspecting Hotties.

I don't even remember which sequel this was from...
The main Hottie in the Saw series was definitely Amanda, played by Shawnee Smith; she went from victim, to survivor, to accomplice, to mastermind, to victim again, until finally, she became flashback fodder for the last 3 movies. Amanda was never "hot" per se, during the Saw movies, but there's never been a second of recorded time when Shawnee Smith hasn't been hot.

She's been one of our crushes since the late 80's when she starred in The Blob remake, and she seems to have only gotten hotter as she's gotten older.

Thanks you for making our teen years more enjoyable, Shawnee.
Shawnee isn't the only Hottie to be a Saw series mainstay; Dina Meyer was in 5 of the flicks, Betsy Russell was in 5, Bahar Soomekh was in 5, Athena Karkanis was in 3... and of course let's not forget Emanuelle Vaugier, Julie Benz, Monica Potter, Megan Good, Beverley "we never realized just how hot she was until Saw" Mitchell, and a bunch of other smaller, supporting Hotties.

They all played their part, some of them even being important ones, but make no mistake; Shawnee Smith is still the HBIC* of the Saw series though.*Head Bitch In Charge.

We need another Horror series with her as some sort of sexy mastermind, and we need it now!
We really ended up hating the Saw series towards the end, mainly because each entry just seemed to get more ridiculous than the last. Now that it's over and we can look back on it as a whole, we probably hate it all a little less.

Jigsaw was a great villain, the kill scenes and traps were wickedly ingenious, and Shawnee Smith and the other Hotties of the series were a pleasure to behold. And watch die. Painfully.

Jigsaw, getting the ladies like a Boss.
Doing this 31 Days entry has almost made us want to go back and re-watch all of the Saw movies again... even the ones that pissed us off.

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the power of the Horror Hottie.

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