January 31, 2014

Blu-ray/DVD recap for January

January has been a cold, snowy, blustery, Polar Vortex-y bunch of shit, hasn't it? Honestly, this -25 Wind Chill business can go back to the Arctic, and stay there.

The one good thing about such horrendously cold whether is that at least we get to catch up on some of our movie watching, because who's going out in this mess?

Below are the best New Releases that January had to offer, all of which are worth a buy or at least a watch. If we had to pick a top three, We Are What We Are, Never Sleep Again, and the Robocop 4K transfer would take top honors, but maybe that's just us.

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Horror Hotties- The Girls of The Following (TV)

Sure, most of them end up meeting grisly fates, but that doesn't mean that we didn't love The Girls of The Following while they were still alive!

Let's start out by saying that while The Following has its share of issues. and is far from being the best show on TV, it's still really enjoyable on a Guilty Pleasure level. It pushes the boundaries really well for a Network Show, but it's also pretty formulaic and a lot of what happens on the show each week feels more than implausible. Still, it's one of only three Network Dramas that we watch religiously each week, the others being Hannibal and The Blacklist. We take it at face value and try not to over-analyze it too much. For us, it's escapist fun.

We've enjoyed the first two episodes of Season Two way more than we enjoyed the entire first Season, so that's a promising sign.

Basically this is a show that you watch for three things, and three things only:

1- Kevin Bacon- If we have to explain this one to you, you ain't our crimey.

2- The OMG/WTF Moments- The Following may be light on believability, but it certainly does have its share of awesome moments. Most of them involve gore, but all of them are pretty intense and fun.

3- The Chicks- Not only are the ladies of The Following actually important to the story, but they're all pretty nice to look at too. With a show like this, you need to have a solid Cheescake Factor going on to offset the bleak and nastier elements of the plot...

...which brings us to our Horror Hotties of January, The Girls of The Following!

Not counting Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy (because we're focusing on the ladies here), Valorie Curry and Natalie Zea are the real (sexy) stars of this show. Their characters are actually more than window dressing or victims of the week, and they honestly do a lot for the show, character-wise. They are also smoking hot, which is really the most important thing of all, right?

Natalie Zea is ridiculously hot, talented, and ridiculously hot. The Following, Justified, Californication... the girl is a sexy force to be reckoned with in anything she stars in. *You can keep Under the Dome though, because that show is just painful to watch.

***SPOILERS*** We're firmly holding strong to our theory that Clare is not dead, and that she's in hiding with her son, wherever he is. If she's really and truly dead, then The Following will be a little less pretty each week.

We're not really sure what it is about Valorie Curry and that whole "Evil Pixie" thing that she has going on, but it totally works for us. That blonde hair and lip ring look is perfect, and it almost reminds us of her Veronica Mars days...

***SPOILERS*** We have a feeling that Emma is going to end up aligning against Joe Carroll this season, since he apparently told everyone else but her that he's still alive. Hell hath no fury like an Evil Pixie scorned. It's in the Bible.

Jessica Stroup and Connie Nielsen are the new girls on the block this season, and we don't know if they're really good or evil yet; we trust no one on this show, and especially not the hot chicks! Until one (or both) of them turn on Ryan Hardy and break his heart even further than it already is, we'll be fans of theirs. After that, all bets are off!

There have been a bunch of other gorgeous ladies that have come and gone from The Following, but we can't really list them here, because, overkill. Whether big role or small, long stay or short appearance, we will never forget them.

The ladies of The Following definitely make out Monday night's more enjoyable, and for that, we thank them.

*On a fun note, the girl in the 2nd picture down is Carissa Capobianco; a girl that we featured way back in 2008 as a future Horror Hottie. Think it's a coincidence that she has a big career now? Well, it's not!

Check out her original Horror Hottie post HERE.

January 30, 2014

Scream Factory reveals Dog Soldiers Blu-ray art, and we're drooling!

Dog Soldiers has been in dire need of a good Blu-ray release for years now, (the previous 2010 BD release was barely better than DVD quality), and the genre-loving folks at Scream Factory are finally going to give it to us!

If you're not familiar with Scream Factory's Blu-ray releases, then shame on you; over the past year and a half, these guys (and gals) have given us a solid string of amazing Collector's Edition Blu-ray releases of some of the most beloved Horror flicks of all-time. They know what they're about, and they have honestly given new life to a lot of old, obscure, and near-forgotten titles.

If you're not familiar with Dog Soldiers, then double shame on you; it's only one of the best Werewolf movies ever made. Sure, there may not be all that many great Werewolf movies out there to begin with, but Dog Soldiers is a great example of the right way to one, in any event. Read our Dog Soldiers Review HERE.

From the Scream Factory Facebook Page:


Hot off the heels of our art reveal of Sleepaway Camp last week, we have another one for you to start the week off right! Check out the newly-designed key art for our upcoming Collector's Edition of the epic werewolf film DOG SOLDIERS (DVD & Blu-ray combo out 6/24). This incredible vision comes to us from artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (who also did Sleepaway Camp, amongst others greats).

Production on extras have just begun and we'll have full details to report to you as to what they are in mid-April. Pre-order links on our site at ScreamfactoryDVD.com should appear in March in which a limited edition 18" x 24" poster of the art will be available exclusively through us with purchase of the combo.

Words can not begin to articulate how excited we are for this release. There's no doubt that this will be a day one purchase for us, and it really should be for you too.

Dog Soldiers will be released on Blu-ray on June 24th.
Click here to browse in awe at their titles.

January 28, 2014

The Digital Dread Report for January 28th

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January is nearly over with, and its final week's worth of Releases looks to be sending this cold-ass month out with a frigid whimper.

Aside from Dark Touch, which we loved, there's really nothing that makes us want to spend our money this week. Sure, if we didn't already own those Universal re-releases, we'd most likely want to grab them, but everything else looks like a "catch it on cable" type of thing to us.

To be fair, that Scream Factory double feature is sure to please fans of old, schlocky monster movies, but that's just not for us.

As unappealing as some of these movies look to us, the only one that we'd recommend that you absolutely avoid is Argento's Dracula 3D... that movie is just a horrid mess on every level.

...and is that a movie about an evil cat?

We'll be saving our $$$ for February's Releases... and maybe some extra blankets and a new snow shovel.

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