January 22, 2014

No Sundance for you? How about a little Fundance then!

That's right, we're starting our own Film Festival. Right here, right now!

Screw Sundance for being in Utah where only 43 people live, and where most of the rest of us can't afford to (or just can't) go.

We'd like to see some new, awesome movies too, and be a part of all of the Festival hype. See some Celebs. Give Robert Redford an awkward hug. Throw a snowball packed with ice right in Shia LaBeouf's idiot face. Maybe reenact The Hunger Games with an inebriated Jennifer Lawrence behind a Denny's.

Who doesn't want all of that?

Well, since we can't have it, then we're going to have something else: The Fundance Film Festival. Sure, it may be way less cool than Sundance, and it may only take place in our homes (or at the local AMC), but it's all we've got!

Also, there may not be any premieres happening at Fundance, but any movie we haven't seen is a premiere to us, right? So... there will be premieres after all, just not in the traditional sense (e.g. real ones.) 

And before you say something like "You have issues," or ask us something like "You have issues, don't you?," the answer is yes... but we're fun at parties.

The 2014 Fundance Film Festival runs from now through whenever it's just not fun anymore. So, most likely next week sometime. Feel free to play along at home.

Shut up, Eva.


  1. What's that first graphic from? It looks familiar but I can't quite fix it.

  2. That picture is from Demons (1985).

    Love that flick.