January 14, 2014

The Digital Dread Report for January 14th

This week sees the release of two of 2013's biggest Horror flicks with Carrie and You're Next.

Carrie was solid for a remake, and we wouldn't mind checking her out on Blu-ray, especially since the disc boasts an alternate ending. You're Next wasn't one of our favorites of the year, but it's solid enough to warrant a purchase if the price is right.

Riddick is on our purchase list this week; it wasn't as good as we'd hoped it would be, but we love the Riddick flicks, and we need this disc to round out our collection.

A Criterion Edition Blu-ray of Michael Mann's classic, Thief, is just begging for our money. It's one of Mann's best films, and also one of our faves.

As far as the DVD releases go, the Redemption titles are worth a look, especially if you don't already own them on Blu-ray.

All in all it's another quiet week as far as releases go, but that's alright; we need to save our money for salt and extra snow survival gear, because this Michigan winter has truly sucked so far.

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