January 7, 2014

The Digital Dread Report for January 7th

The first Tuesday of 2014 is here!


No? Well, I guess it is just like any other Tuesday...

For us, this week is Archer week. We love that show, and can't wait until Season 4 is in our hot little hands.

We're also definitely grabbing ourselves a copy of The Wicker Man; not the crappy Nicholas Cage remake, but the Classic 1973 Original. We're dying to see how it looks on Blu.

We've also got our eye on Season One of The Following, and We Are What We Are. The latter, we'll most likely just buy, because it was a great movie. As for the former... we'll wait until it hits a little closer to $22 or so before biting.

Not a bad week of releases to kick off the new year.

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