April 30, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for April 30th

Thank God April is over. With a few exceptions, thr first month of Spring brought us little in the way of Must Have DVD & Blu releases.

This week is really no different.

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If you're down with direct-to-video B-movies from the 90's, then Night of the Scarecrow might just be for you. I honestly can't remember if any of us here have ever seen it, but it can't hurt to give it a spin.

If you love the Hammer Films of old, and if you have a penchant for sexy vampire sluts banging every man and woman in sight, then The Vampire Lovers is a definite Must Own title... especially for pervs, which is pretty much every man alive, so by that logic every man alive should probably own this Blu-ray. *Don't worry, they ship it in a brown wrapper, all discreet like.

As much as I can't stand Star Trek (in any of its incarnations save the J.J. Abrams movie), I have to admit that the way they're releasing The Next Generations seasons is pretty impressive. Not only does the Season 3 set boast some top notch visuals and audio coding, but Star Trek nerds fans will be in heaven with the overabundant trove of bonus features and material. If I liked Star Trek, I'd own this with no question. But I don't, so, no.

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This weeks rents are nothing we're overly excited about, although Manborg looks like it could be some great, schlocky fun. The rest you can feel free to take your chances on.

April 26, 2013

May-June's DVD & Blu-ray Release Dates Updated!

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April was a lackluster month for DVD & Blu-ray releases, but the next few months look like they're going to more than make up for the lull, with plenty of crazy good, must have titles of their own.

May is going to see the first crop of newly mastered 4K Blu-ray's released, and while we're not going to be spending $5000+ on a new 4K TV, we are curious to see how those 4000 lines of resolution translate to our regular Blu-ray player, if at all.

We also need to own us some Jack Reacher, Mama, ABC's of Death, and The Burning, just to name a few.

Things don't get any cheaper in June, with some Blu-ray releases that we've been waiting for forever, like the Mad Max Collection, Warm Bodies, H&G Witch Hunters, Running Scared, The Howling, Lifeforce and Stoker demanding our attention.

It's also fun to note that June will see a slew of new Steelbook re-releases that boast some pretty awesome cover art. We may have to double dip and grab the Riddick flicks, because they're jsut that pretty.

Also in June, The Tourist Trap is seeing a DVD releases, and as it's one of the most effective Horror flicks we've ever seen, we will be grabbing that one, no question. That's saying a lot too, because we DO NOT EVER buy DVD's anymore. We have Blu-ray, what would be the point?

July is still a ways off, and we're sure that more will be added to its release slate in coming weeks, but The Fog hitting Blu-ray at long last is going to be one of the digital highlights of the year for Horror fans.

So, TONS of great releases are on the horizon, and like we're doing, you'd better start making your plans now!

Seriously. Go make some plans.

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