April 2, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for April 2nd

This week belongs to Marvel, and the first phase of its Cinematic Universe, so comic book geeks of the world, prepare bow down to what might be the best Blu-ray box set of 2013.

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We definitely want to own the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One box set on Blu-rayHulk, Iron Man, Thor, Cap and The Avengers... all of the movies are present here, in standard & 3D Blu-ray versions. The set also boasts an extra bonus disc with all sorts of great exclusive features on it -including all sorts of peeks at the upcoming "Phase Two" movies-  and it comes in a nifty little briefcase, complete with a Cosmic Cube and all... but I am personally not spending north of $149.99 to own it.

When it hits the $99 range, if it does, I will bite on it then. For those of you who don't care about the cost and just think it's an awesome package filled with awesome flicks (which it really is), then you pretty much have to own this.

As for the rest of the week's must own releases...

John Dies at the End is a fun one, and woth grabbing for under $20. Even though we'd much prefer that the Hammer 3-pack came in Blu-ray, it's still a great DVD to own.

Our big quandary of the week involves The Killing: Season 2, and the fact that it is only available on DVD. We love us some Killing, but we're not buying any new TV show unless it comes on Blu, because there's no reason in the day and age of HD for us to suffer lesser quality just to own it.

They release it on Blu-ray, we'll buy it on day one.

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The Sweeney was worth a watch, as were Stitches and 13 Eerie, and we'd most likely rent the rest of the movies here. With most movies commanding and average of $19.99 and up on release day, it's hard to advise much more than a rental for most of them.

To be fair though, some of these flicks may be worth owning at the right price... just not until we've seen them to decide for ourselves.

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We're not necessarily skipping these movies out of hatred or spite, rather because we just have an inkling that they're not going to be very good.

We could be wrong (it happens from time to time), but we'll never know until they hit Netflix or Cable.

We advise you to proceed with caution as far as these flicks are concerned.

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