April 23, 2013

The Digital Dread Report for April 23rd

It's another mostly underwhelming week as far as DVD & BLU releases go, but it's not a total loss.

We're really trying our best to save our $$$ for May and June, which have so many high profile releases scheduled, that we may need to take out a small loan to keep up. So for now, we're being picky with what we buy.

must havegnoghtothgrapescold

We reviewed The Grapes of Death (HERE) many years ago, and while we found it to be solid but not spectacular, we're still excited about seeing it in a pristine 1080p transfer. It's a crazy Euro-style zombie flick that always comes to mind when people ask us "Give me a movie to watch that's REALLY obscure!" We definitely need to own this one, as we're pretty big on Jean Rollin's films, and we really like what Redemption does with most of their Blu-ray releases.

Night of the Hunted is another Jean Rollin film being released by Redemption this week, and once again if you're into that 1970's Eurotrash thing, this is another movie to add to your collection.

Cold Prey 2 (aka Fritt Vilt II) is another flick we reviewed (HERE) a few years back, so we find it odd that it's just now seeing a release in North America. We loved the first Fritt Vilt, which was a Norwegian spin on the usual slasher flick, and we liked part 2 almost as much. There's also a part 3 out there somewhere, but we didn't like that one as much... the point is, any of the "Cold Prey/Fritt Vilt" movies are worth a watch, and even a buy at a cheap price.

rent it81H6ioj uCL._AA1500_thaleassassinsassassinsrunbloodscloneddeepintheblood170 x 224

As far as the week's rentals go, Pawn, Thale, Assassin and It's in the Blood are all decent and worth a look.

We're also morbidly curious to see the new Christian Slater and Cole Hauser flick, Assassin's Run, because it involves a crazy karate ballerina who is out to get her daughter back from the Russian Mob... using only her karate and ballerina skills. Yeah. We're guessing it's like a female version of Taken, but probably not as good. Still, we need to see it.

The rest are all crap-shoots.

skip itjp3dhauntedhslop

We have no desire whatsoever to see, let alone buy, Jurassic Park in 3-D. There's just no reason.

We have no desire to even acknowledge that A Haunted House exists, other than to say that we don't want to acknowledge its existence.

And finally, there's Sloppy the Psychotic. Just, no.

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