April 5, 2013

Carrie gets her first trailer!

After long last, the first full trailer for the highly anticipated Carrie remake has dropped... and we have to say that it's not bad at all.

After watching said trailer, the one issue I came away with was Chloe Grace Moretz. She's a fantastic actress, so we should have no issue whatsoever with her taking on this role, right?

The problem is though, that she's to pretty to play Carrie White.

In the 1976 original, Sissy Spacek looked the part; odd, pretty but sometimes ugly, and most of all, creepy. Her character was, after all, nicknamed "Creepy Carrie."

In this new trailer, however, Chloe Moretz just looks like a really pretty girl making weird faces and having a bad hair day. There's nothing ugly or odd about her, and until she gets all bloodied-up and starts dealing out death to her classmates, she's hardly creepy.

This new version of Carrie White is better looking than her evil classmates who are constantly picking at and making fun of her.

I'm totally confident that Chloe's acting ability will shine in this one, and make us for get that she's far too pretty to be the town loser, but on the surface, it's just hard to digest, you know?

All that said, the movie looks to be, at the very least, entertaining. The ever-talented and beautiful Julianne Moore is going to rock as the mentally ill and abusive mother, and despite what looks to be the overuse of CGI, we're expecting Carrie to deliver one hell of a bloody third reel.

BTW, you wanna have a bit of fun? Call the number on the call card at the bottom of this post... it totally messed with us and was fairly disturbing. 


  1. The only thing that bothers me about the trailer is that they show so much of the action. It felt like I saw the whole movie already in just those two minutes.

  2. Yeah, they do that with so many trailers these days, I'm guessing to pack theaters on opening weekend.

    There's no mystery left with trailers any more.

  3. People forgot the original TV Carrie remake... which I loved. So much. Angela Bettis is amazing. And that ending... just so satisfying. I dunno if I'm excited for another remake, I'd rather let the last one stick in my head flaws and all. I'll probably watch this one eventually, but meh.