April 26, 2013

The Theatrical Trauma of April 26th

Talk about a slow week theatrically... we even included the new Rock/Marky Mark movie here because it's about the only big release that even remotely interests us, and that's only because both of those guys usually make fun movies.

Mud (Limited) is flick that at least hits closer to home, as it's a Mystery/Thriller-ish type of movie that may appeal to some Horror fans out there. After Killer Joe, we're willing to give Matthew McConaughey a chance in just about anything... no rom-coms though. Not those.

Also in Limited Release as well as VOD today, is The Numbers Station, which kinda looks like your average generic Thriller. We like Cusak, and Malin Akerman is a true Hottie, so maybe we'll catch this one if we get some free time.

The best bet for Horror fans just dying to head to Theaters and catch a genre flick this weekend is probably still Evil Dead. You could also go see Rob Zombie's new flick, The Lords of Salem, but be warned: unless you're a die hard Zombie fan, you may not be thrilled with his latest effort.

Next week we get Iron Man 3, The Iceman (Limited), and Kiss of the Damned (Limited), so until then, maybe just catch something on VOD or Netflix for now, because this week isn't very genre friendly at the Theater.


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