April 6, 2013

The Theatrical Trauma of April 5th

This week is about one movie, and one movie only: Evil Dead.

Love the idea or welcome it with open arms, the day is finally here for what may be the most divisive remake of all time to show and prove. We're hoping it rocks, despite all of the reasons that it shouldn't... and I guess we'll find out what it does this weekend.

Jurassic Park is a great flick, a classic in its own right, but we have no desire to see it again in theaters some 20 years later, especially with it having been converted into 3D for no good reason... Oh wait, cash grab, that's the reason. We'll skip this one, thank you very much.

Everything else this week is all of the Limited Release/VOD variety.

There are a few notables in the bunch, chief amongst them being the new Danny Boyle flick, Trance. We love Danny Boyle (28 Days Later), and we will definitely be checking this one out at some point. 6 Souls (formerly known as Shelter, when it was released abroad way back in 2010) was a decent enough flick, but better suited for our rental dollars. Same goes for Nailbiter and Thale; both decent flicks, but more the kind you watch on VOD as opposed to the theater.

There are a slew of movies for audiences to seek out this weekend, in one format or another, but as we said above, the one that really matters is Evil Dead.

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