October 29, 2013

Trick r' Treat 2 is FINALLY Happening!

*Here's our original review of Trick r' Treat.

There are two movies that deserve the moniker of "quintessential Halloween viewing," and one of them is called Trick r' Treat. (Halloween (1978) is obviously the other one, but everyone on the planet already knew that.)

Trick r' Treat made a huge ruckus on the Festival Circuit during 2007-2008, and it took two long years for it to see an actual release in October of 2009... It was only a Direct-to DVD release, which was truly a shame, but at least it finally made it that far.

Why it took so long to see the light of day is a discussion for another time. The point is that once it was released, it became an instant classic, and is most definitely required viewing for the creepiest month of the year.

Now, four years and an endless amount of fan support later, Sam is finally getting himself a sequel!

Directly from the Legendary Pictures website:

At Monday night’s special fan screening of the cult horror classic TRICK ‘R TREAT hosted by Legendary, the film’s iconic character, Sam, and director, Michael Dougherty, stole the show by announcing a sequel during the Q&A session. Other panel participants included two of the film's stars Dylan Baker and Brian Cox, as well as a surprise appearance by producer Bryan Singer.

There's no better news that Horror fans could be getting right now, as Trick r' Treat is a genuine classic that has begged for a sequel since the day it was born.

We're guessing that we'll see Trick r' Treat 2 in October of 2014, at the earliest, and we will hope and pray that it sees a Theatrical Run, and doesn't just head straight to video like its predecessor. 

Either way, it's finally happening!

If you haven't seen it already, do so asap. We've said it for years; Trick r' Treat is to Halloween what A Christmas Story is to Christmas. True, true story.

Amazon has the Blu-ray for $6.49 and the DVD for $3.99... there's no better Horror movie bargain to be had for the money. Click the links or the pic below an order yourself a copy. If you don't feel like waiting, check Netflix and every other On-Demand service that you have access to, and put this one in your queue!


  1. This made my day! I've been waiting for a sequel since I watched Trick 'r Treat for the first time. Sam truly deserved a sequel and as you say, horror fans will be even happier with a theatrical release. I just found out that the character Sam was based on a 3 minutes animation short by the same director, I'll drop the link in case you haven't seen it.

  2. Stoked to hear this news!! I love how much of a fan you are of this film... it definitely deserves the props! Im always surprised to find out how many people, including horror fans, that HAVENT known about this film... very underrated... I got Damien Leone's "All Hallows Eve" in the mail today two days before its release date... wasnt expecting it this soon, but Im excited! About to sit down and watch it now... hope its as good as I expect it to be, im disappointed quite often, so fingers crossed...

  3. My favorite Halloween movie. I've watched it on Halloween the past 3 years. So happy to see this.

  4. The original Theatrical release was at a few select theaters... (very few) then came a later release on DVD...
    Looking forward to seeing its follow up film....