December 3, 2016

December's VOD Releases!

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The Eyes of My Mother, Morgan, Pet, Demon, Fever, new transfers of the classics Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Black Christmas, Train to Busan, The Autopsy of Jane Doe... December is set to be one merry month for new and exciting Horror releases on the VOD front.

We've updated our VOD Release Dates Page to reflect December's VOD releases, as well as some of January's. You can check out a preview below, or visit the full page in the link above.

*Keep in mind that release dates can, and most likely will change.

DECEMBERDec 2 VOD LIM (3)Dec 2Dec 2 (2)Dec 2 VOD LIM (2)Dec 6aDec 6dDec 6dbDec 6ddDec 6fDec 6gDec 6hDec 6Dec 6h (2)Dec 6hDec 6mdec 6nDec 6pDec 6sDec 9Dec 9 VOD LIMDec 13bdec 13cdec 13dedec 13iDec 13eDec 9Dec 13oDec 13sdec 13Dec 13Dec 16thDec 16 VOD LIMDec 20Dec 20dDec 20Dec 21Dec 27170 x 267170 x 267Footer


  1. Any idea of when The Girl on The Train is going to be released?

    1. Yep, it hits VOD on Jan 3rd. You can always click the VOD Releases tab at the top, as it has info for ucoming releases a month or two ahead.